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Eradicus' Minions are the secondary antagonists from the Jetix and Disney XD series Yin Yang Yo!,.


Before they helped Yang set off The Dark Tomorrow, Eradicus' Minions pretended to be the ghosts of four Woo-Foo Elders. They first visited Yang in Deja Foo, warning him that he had to possess the Amnesulet, and returned several more times, telling him to obtain certain items such as the Lick-n-Stick and the Tuti-Fruity Fro of Double Duty. Their final act as the "Elders" was to convince Yang to throw a bag containing all of the magical items he had collected into a fire at the Night Master's Lair.

Back to Life

Eradicus' Minions are four characters that tricked Yang into setting off The Dark Tomorrow. They serve Eradicus, and are very powerful. Ella Mental is possibly the most powerful of them all. They had red eyes when they masqueraded themselves as the Four Woo-Foo Elders.

The Dark Tomorrow, Mollecu-Lars has seemingly disappeared, leaving only three minions. In the season 2 finale, Yin Yang Who?, Rubber Chucky and Ella Mental, along with Eradicus himself, are defeated and Indestruto-Bob ends up locked in Eradicus' cave.


  • Ella Mental: is a feline being with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She is the only female minion Eradicus has, and seems to be the brightest of the four. She is rather vain, and obsesses over her looks.
  • Indestructo-Bob: who everyone simply calls Bob, is an indestructible being who can deflect attacks, roll over enemies and send his enemies flying through the air with one punch or kick. He seems to wear some sort of armor. He is portrayed as rather dim-witted, and frequently makes comments that are either completely random or inappropriate for the situation.
  • Rubber Chucky: is a being made entirely of rubber, with the ability to stretch and contort himself into any shape he wants. He can also project movies as seen in The Howl of the Weenie. He has a knack for telling bad jokes, and seems to be good friends with Indestructo-Bob. 
  • Mollecu-Lars: is an octopus-like being who possesses the ability to manipulate molecules, shapeshift, levitate, and regenerate his limbs. He speaks with a heavy German accent and has only been seen in the episode Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow.



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