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Erasem (Boykyakku in Japan) is a Demon Beast found in the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! episode "Escar-Gone". She first appeared when Dedede ordered her from Nightmare Enterprises, expecting a super-powerful Demon Beast, but instead ends up with a small ghostly creature. She then goes into Escargoon's room and enters his body while he is sleeping. The next day, Dedede, or anybody else does not remember who Escargoon is. Strangely, Kirby can remember him (it is implied that his uncontrollable brain power makes him unable to get amnesia). It is then revealed by Meta Knight that Erasem has the power to make everybody forgot who the one that she possesses is and that the only way to get Erasem out is to torture Escargoon. They succeed, but Erasem goes to Cappy Town and is about to possess somebody else. Kirby inhales her, and everybody forgets who he is (even the iris transition at the end, aimlessly searching for something that it could close on in. Kirby then spits out Erasem towards the screen (thus breaking the Fourth Wall) and Erasem exclaims "Bye Bye Kirby!". It is unknown what happened to Erasem after this.

Physical appearance and abilities

Erasem looks like a microscopic ghost with black and thin eye holes. Her head is large and circular, and she has a horn sticking out of her head, and has very small arms. She appears to float around in some sort of bubble when not inside a victim's body.


  • Her name is a pormanteou of the words "erase" and "them".
  • Her original Japanese name comes from the Japanese word "Bōkyaku", which means "forgetfulness" or "lapse of memory".
  • In the original Japanese version, the ending theme of the Revenge Of Meta Knight game from Kirby Super Star can be heard when Escargoon is desperately looking for someone who remembers him.
  • In the episode "Scare Tactics - Part 2", Erasem makes a cameo appearance inside a flashing siren in the room with glowing lights.
  • Erasem is one of two known female Demon Beasts in the show, the other being the transformed Lovely.
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