What do you want, you broken-down geezer? I don't remember asking for a sacrifice.
~ Eraser Kaiser mocking Rosalinde

Eraser Kaiser is an antagonist in the anime Cautious Hero. He is one of the Demon Lord's Four Heavenly Kings and commands a great army. He is the strongest of the Four and also the closest to the Demon Lord, being closely involved in his plans.


Eraser Kaiser has a big build and is very muscular. He has black skin, a small beard and long, fuzzy brown hair. His eyes glow red and he has red markings around them. His pointed ears have silver earrings, his teeth are spiky and he has two little spikes on his forehead and on his chin. He wears nothing except purple shorts. His toes have sharp claws. Most notable however are his two curved horns and six giant arms. On each of his arms he wears a green bracelet. He wields a sword, a cleaver, a double-spear, knife-claws and a morning star.


He is arrogant, aggressive and cruel and incredibely powerful. His aura is said to be on a whole other level compared to the other Kings. He is very devoted to the Demon Lord. Eraser Kaiser likes to challenge himself and enjoys battling strong opponents. He still completely underestimates most other fighters and mocks them for being so weak.


For the Demon Lord's final plan, Eraser Kaiser has greatly helped in setting it up. He talks to the Lord about that they will finally be able to kill the hero and take over the Divine Realm.


Eraser Kaiser facing Rosalinde

After he was the last Heavenly King left, he set out with his great army to overthrow the capital city of Gaebrande. The soldiers are lined up but noone dares to come close. Eraser Kaiser asks for the strongest warrior to step forwars. Seiya wants to approach him but Warmaster Rosalinde interrupts him. Eraser Kaiser thinks an old guy like him is nothing more than a sacrifice. He proceeds to simultaneously attack him with all six weapons. But Rosalinde slices him up without problem. Eraser Kaiser can't believe it he was killed by a human and falls to the floor in pieces.


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