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Someone got lucky today, hmm?
~ Ercole.
You should've left when I told you. Now, I've got to kill some SEA MONSTERS! AHAHAHAHA!
~ Ercole's villainous breakdown as he prepares to kill Luca and Alberto.

Ercole Visconti is the main antagonist of Pixar's 24th full-length animated feature film Luca.

He is an Italian teenager and local bully and showoff in the town of Portorosso, but as the film progresses, he shows that he's much more vile than that. He is Luca Paguro, Alberto Scorfano and Giulia Marcovaldo's arch-nemesis and Ciccio and Guido's former boss.

He was voiced by Saverio Raimondo in both the English and Italian versions.



Ercole Visconti is a resident at Portorosso who has won the annual Portorosso Cup, a race the children of Portorosso take. For five years, Ercole's victory has given him quite an ego, although it has been pointed out before that Ercole is a bit too old to continue entering the race. He is seen flaunting his status around, being a bully to the other children of Portorosso, inspiring fear in them, while the adults only see him as an annoyance. He has gathered a small entourage of two kids named Ciccio and Guido, but they too are not exempt from his bullying.

However, only Giulia Marcovaldo did not fear him as he constantly taunted her due to her throwing up in last year's race. Due to this, she was hated him and was obsessed with ending the "Reign of Terror" of his "Evil Empire of Injustice".


Ercole is first seen making a grand entrance by riding his Vespa through the Portorosso piazza, much to the annoyance of the adults. When he, Ciccio and Guido stop by to eat a long sandwich the latter duo were carrying, Luca ends up almost causing his Vespa to fall over after accidentally kicking a ball to it. Upon meeting him and his friend Alberto, Ercole begins to bully them and attempts to dunk Luca's head in a fountain, nearly exposing his identity as a sea monster, but they are saved by, who takes them away from Ercole.

Ercole is next seen going to sign up for the race. He then starts harassing Giulia for teaming up with Luca and Alberto, and steals the money that they intend to use to enter the race. In the ensuing debacle, Luca earns Ercole's wrath by having Giulia insult Ercole by calling him a catfish and explaining that it is a bottom feeder with tiny whiskers (just like Ercole's mustache hairs), prompting the other kids (including Guido) to laugh at Ercole for this. Humiliated, Ercole hands the money back to Luca, demanding that he sign up for the race so that Ercole himself will crush him during the event.

He spends most of the movie harassing the heroes, which nearly causes them to be exposed as sea monsters. When the day of the Portorosso Cup beings, he tries cheating to win like covering Ciccio with olive oil during the swimming part of the contest to make him more streamlined, but this causes Ciccio to attract a bunch of fish who bite him, slowing him down. Next, he tries to force-feed Guido the pasta in the easting challenge. When a girl points out the poor sportsmanship, Ercole just ignores her and tries to defeat Luca in the bicycle race. In the process, it begins to rain, threatening to reveal Luca's sea monster identity.

When Alberto arrives to help Luca, Ercole kicks him while biking past, causing the umbrella that Alberto was carrying to go flying and Alberto to land in the rain, exposing his identity. Seeing this, Ercole orders Ciccio to get his harpoon and captures Alberto with a net, intending to kill him. Seeing his friend in danger, Luca proceeds to let himself get exposed as a sea monster to rescue Alberto, and Ercole grabs his harpoon and chases the boys down the hill, intending to kill them both and supposedly collect a reward as a means of cementing himself as a hero to the town.

Just before Ercole is about to kill Luca and Alberto, Giulia saves them by crashing her bike into Ercole's, which causes her to hurt herself. Despite getting a chance to cross the finish line and head back to the sea, Luca and Alberto head back to help Giulia back up on her feet, only for the townspeople to surround them. Ercole makes his way, claiming that he should kill the sea monsters and collect the reward for himself. Deciding now that they're done running away in fear, Luca and Alberto furiously stand against Ercole, but the latter is unperturbed as he insults the two by telling them that regardless of their behavior, everyone hates them because of the fact alone that they're sea monsters.

However, Giulia's dad Massimo, who witnessed Luca and Alberto aiding Giulia, came to the boys' defense by pointing out that they are harmless in nature (despite their appearances) and that their bike had crossed the finish line, thus, they technically won the race. Refusing to accept this, Ercole once again uses the sole fact that they're sea monsters as an excuse on why their win shouldn't matter. When the persistent fishermen still intend on capturing the two boys, Massimo silently glares at them, causing them to immediately step down and leave them be, much to Ercole's anger.

Seeing how no one is on Ercole's side anymore, Luca, Alberto and Giulia grab and break his harpoon in retaliation. Still refusing to concede defeat, Ercole furiously orders Ciccio and Guido to get another harpoon before calling them idiots and telling them to "be useful for once in their pathetic lives". Finally realizing what a complete scoundrel Ercole truly is and being fed up with his abusive treatment, Ciccio and Guido proceeded to throw Ercole and his wool sweater in the fountain, stating that they are done hanging out with him for good. As the townspeople finally accepted the sea monsters (including Luca's family, who reunited with their son) into their society, save for a few others, Ercole is last seen crying over his wet, shrunken sweater, upset that his reputation is completely ruined.

His whereabouts afterwards are unknown, but it can be assumed that because his reign over Portorosso is over, the children no longer fear him and the adults now make sure he doesn't cause any more harm, especially with Alberto, who chooses to stay in Portorosso to live as Massimo's adopted son, while Luca goes to live with Giulia and her mother to attend school, away from Ercole.


You know, people think I'm a nice guy, always joking around. But really, I'm not!
~ Ercole to Luca and Alberto.

Ercole is shown to be an arrogant, rude, spiteful, obnoxious, snooty, mean-spirited bully who has little if any redeeming qualities. He appears to be under the delusion that everyone in Portorosso respects him when in truth, they are either scared of him, like the kids, or find him irritating, like the adults.

His arrogance seems to have stemmed from winning the Portorosso Cup for five straight years. He really adores his Vespa and considers anyone who he sees as being below him, which is pretty much everyone, as unworthy of having one. It's also shown that he isn't just a braggart, as he's willing to get physical, as shown when he tries to dunk Luca in a fountain. He also doesn’t care what happens to people that he doesn’t like, an example is when he and his minions were hunting Sea Monsters during Guilia’s training, he decides to ram his boat into Luca and Alberto’s boat and sadistically smiling before Guido turns the boat. Like a lot of the people of Portorosso, he believes that sea monsters exist and is very determined to catch one.

His bullying goes straight into sadism, as he is willing to kill Luca and Alberto when he finds out they are sea monsters, despite showing themselves to be harmless and sentient beings. This reveals the sociopathic side of Ercole.

His overall personality is what leading to his downfall, even including his mistreatment towards Ciccio and Guido, leading them to turn against and humiliate him.


Ercole is a slender teenage boy with a straight-laced face, lightly tanned skin, hazel eyes, dark brown pompadour, and a few pencil-thin mustache hairs. He wears a dark blue polo shirt with thin, light blue stripes, periwinkle shorts, brown shoes, and a hot pink wool sweater wrapped around his shoulders.


Listen, Piccoletto. I eat kids like you for breakfast. I DUNK THEM in my chocolatta (Hot Chocolate) and YUM! Finite!" (Finished) So here, sign up. I’ll make it my mission to destroy you…
~ Ercole threatening Luca and thus makes a rival out him.
Something’s fishy with you two. I mean besides the smell. You’re hiding something.
~ Ercole being suspicious of Luca and Alberto.
You know, people think that I’m a nice guy. Always joking around. Really, I’m not!
~ Ercole’s evil stare.
I want to make myself very clear. This is my town, Number ONE! (Punches Alberto in the stomach) and Number Two. I don't want you it...
~ Ercole bullying Luca and Alberto.
Nobody wants you here, idioti! (Idiot) Keep running!
~ Ercole trying to make Luca and Alberto leave Portorosso
For the last time, you two don't belong here! GET OUT OF MY TOWN!!!
~ Ercole kicking Alberto during the race
~ Ercole becoming hellbent on killing Luca and Alberto and slowly going insane
I saw them first! The reward is MINE!! (Luca: We're not afraid of you!) No, but we're afraid of you! Everyone here is horrified and disgusted by you, because YOU are MONSTERS!! (Guilia: STOP! They're not monsters!) Oh yeah, who are they then?!
~ Ercole planning to kill Luca and Alberto, despite Guilia standing up to them.
They can't be the winners, they're not even people!! (Massimo: Signora Marsigliese?) (Signora Marsigiliese: Technically.. legally..... yes, they won.) (Alberto: We won?) Who cares if they won?! They're sea monsters!!
~ Ercole trying to sway the villagers to kill Luca and Alberto, despite Massimo and Signora Marsigiliese stating that both boys are and harmless and that they won the race as their bike crossed the finish line.
What?! C'MON!!! (Luca, Alberto and Guilia break his harpoon) HEY!!! Ciccio, Guido!! Another harpoon!! (a short pause) AGH, IDIOTI!! (Idiot) Be useful for ONCE IN YOUR PATHETIC LIVES!!!
~ Ercole being outraged that the villagers won't kill Luca and Alberto before taking out his rage on Ciccio and Guido, the very same words that drove them to rebel against him.
No.... piccolino!! (Little one)
~ Ercole crying over his wet wool sweater after being dumped with it into a fountain by an angry Ciccio and Guido as punishment for his cruel behavior against them.




  • Ercole shares some similarities with Gaston LeGume, the main antagonist of Beauty and the Beast, in that both characters are fairly well-known in their communities, have a high status of nobility for their various achievements, and attempt to kill the main protagonists who are "monsters" for their own personal gain, and use their hideous appearance as an excuse (though Gaston's motivation is out of lust while Ercole's is greed).
  • He is the fifth Pixar villain to be more of a competitive bully, after Randall Boggs from Monsters, Inc., Chick Hicks from Cars, Johnny Worthington III from Monsters University, and Jackson Storm from Cars 3.
  • His surname is based in an actual Italian noble family. Curiously enough, the heraldry of that family shows a person being devoured by a sea monster (or in the case of Silvio Berlusconi's holding company Fininvest and its subsidiary Mediaset, as well as its own channel Canale 5, shows the same sea monster eating a flower instead).
  • While it's never revealed how old he actually is, since Ercole had won the Portorosso Cup the last five years in a row and also claimed to be 16 (apparently the oldest possible age to compete in it) for the current year and the previous year, he must be at least 17 at the absolute youngest (assuming that he was 12 the first time he won the Portorosso Cup). But eventually, its confirmed by the director's that Ercole's age was around 18.


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