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Eren Komori was a Gaia Memory Distributor of Museum in 1999 who uses the Bat Gaia Memory to become the Bat Dopant and the secondary antagonist of the W segment of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core.

She was portrayed by Reon Kadena.


Eren Komori first appeared during an attack by the Spider Dopant before departing with it.

When Sokichi Narumi unearthed the Gaia Memory research being done on kidnapped test subjects in the Yaguchi Talent Agency with help from his informant Stone, the Bat Dopant killed Stone before pursuing Sokichi alongside the Spider Dopant and several Masquerade Dopants. However, it is then that Sokichi receives the Lost Driver and Skull Memory from Shroud and uses them to become Kamen Rider Skull Crystal and fight off the Masquerade Dopants.

Later, when Sokichi discovers the Spider Dopant is his partner Matsu and attempts to chase him down, the Bat Dopant appears once again to fight him. However, Kamen Rider Skull manages to defeat her by using the Skull Punisher to trap her under the truck. Eren then pleads with Skull to save her but Skull leaves her to die in the truck's explosion.


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