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Fufu, I’m so glad we all came to this world. Getting rid of all of you would have been difficult back in Japan. Which is why, of course, I can’t let you guys win this war and go back home. Because Kouki-kun’s going to spend the rest of his days here, with me. Forever.
~ Eri's true nature.

Eri Nakamura is one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Freid Bagwa and Alva) of the Japanese light novel series Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to World's Strongest). She is one of the sworn enemies of her former classmate Hajime Nagumo and the archenemy of her former (false) best friend Suzu Taniguchi.

Additionally, Eri is the self proclaimed arch-nemesis and "love rival" of Shizuku Yaegashi and Kaori Shirasaki, who are both childhood friends of her crush Kouki Amanogawa (despite the fact they are actually Hajime's lovers).

Eri is present in both the manga and anime adaptations. Whilst her role was largely unchanged in the manga, she appeared as a supporting background character in the anime's first season. Eri is set to return in the series second season as one of the two main antagonists of the Demon Invasion Arc (along with Freid Bagwa) and one of the three secondary antagonist (along with Freid Bagwa and Alva) of the Final Arc.

She was portrayed by Asuka Nishi in the original Japanese Sub and Megan Shipman in the English Dub.


A deluded, evil, selfish, sadistic, misanthropic, traitorous, and remorseless psychopath who was driven into her insanity due to her suffering both physically and mentally in her childhood life, when she was raised by both an abusive mother and a rapist stepfather after her biological, selfless father died from a car accident. Eri was originally presented as one of Hajime's classmates. She was summoned from Japan alongside many of her school "friends", in order to protect the nation of Tortus from the demonic forces.

In Volume 6 however, Eri was revealed to be one of the primary instigators of the Demon Invasion/War on the Heiligh Kingdom (alongside Freid Bagwa). Since then, Eri has openly pledged her support to the Demons, as well as the series overarching antagonist Ehit, eventually becoming one of his apostles.

She was also revealed to be the one who manipulated Daisuke Hiyama between Volumes 1 - 5, blackmailing him and forcing him to do her dirty works until Volume 6 when Hajime arrived and foiled all of her evil schemes, she betrayed Hiyama for being weak and useless as well left him to his death at the hands of Nagumo in order for her to escape from Hajime.


Eri is a rather petite girl, with short black hair kept in a tiny bob. She has brown eyes and is usually seen wearing glasses. Overall, she generates a rather shy aurora. Like the rest of her classmates, she was originally summoned to Tortus in her school uniform. This was traded for for a black dress and boots, with a blue two piece blazer, with gold trimming. As a magic wielder, her main weapon is a wooden staff, which like her attire was probably provided from the kingdoms treasury.

Once she revealed her true personality, however, Eri discarded and broke her glasses. revealing that she didn't actually need them. Her soft, kind expression was replaced with a sinister, evil smirk. After obtaining the power of an apostle, Eri's hair turned silvery grey (similar to Noint's) and she grew a set of angelic wings. After receiving her enhanced powers, she traded her staff for a set of greatswords.


Fake Personality

In the beginning, Eri is portrayed as a calm and quiet girl that loves reading books. She shown kind and compassionate to make friends with her classmates especially her "best friend", Suzu Taniguchi.

True Personality

While in her act as a "shy girl", Eri is highly evil and proves she has no kind of concerns about any of her classmates when revealed she was only pretending to become friends with them as her classmates are nothing but pawns to her due to her hatred towards them but hates Kouki's childhood friends, Kaori Shirasaki and Shizuku Yaegashi worse than her hatred towards classmates (despite they are Hajime's lovers, not Kouki's). She attempted to kill her classmates to make them as her zombie slaves which failed due to Hajime's arrival but only managed to kill one of them, Reichi Kondou (one of Daisuke Hiyama's gang member who he betrayed).

Her pretending to make friends with her classmates has really disgusted her for a long time. She has no regards in her actions when betraying them after revealed her true nature as well being Garland's spy. In her retreat to Garland thanks to Hajime's interference, she is none than less glad she is no longer being in a "play house" with her classmates for a long time in her assassination plot on her classmates. She doesn't regard of killing the Heiligh Kingdom's king and nobles. Eri lacked goodness and compassion it was due to her suffering by both her mother and stepfather in physically and mentally as well she lacks parental love.

Due to her suffering from anguish and agony she endured and had a miserable life after lost her birth father from a car accident and later her mother was abusing her both physically and mentally which she almost died at the hands of her mother as well her stepfather was arrested by sexually harassed and raped Eri (just to satisfying his lust for young girls), Nakamura was driven by her insanity when she revealed to her classmates of her true nature as a ruthless, selfish, uncaring, cruel, arrogant, sadistic, insecure, misanthropic, prideful, delusional and twisted psychopath. Due to her tragedy of her suffering by both her abusive mother and rapist stepfather, She is an evil girl who holds an undying lust for Kouki of wanted to make her boyfriend and wanted to kill all the other girls which includes Kouki's childhood friends who are Hajime's lovers, Kaori and Shizuku and the rest of her classmates as she has killed Reichi Kondou (Daisuke Hiyama's former gang member who he betrayed) but failed due to Hajime's arrival. Upon successfully "obtained" Kouki, Eri is also clingy and delusional but still has no remorse in her psychological abuse on Kouki's fragile psyche in order to keep him for herself.

Due to her immense cruelty and sadism, Eri is an extremely psychotic torturer who enjoys enslaving her zombie slaves and torturing the souls of the dead to force them to do her bidding. More than Hajime, she is a very violent sadist who doesn't flinch of her victims' feeling as she enjoys tormenting and inflicting pain towards her classmates, making them suffer in despairs and agonies as well made them scream in weep and wail, much of her amusements and joys. She has no qualms of killing innocent people who stood her way when she also caused a massacre against the citizens of the Heiligh Kingdom (beside Hajime's own massacre to both humans and demons worshipers of Ehit).

Eri is also intolerant of her pawns. She decided to dispose her pawns when she is done using them for their uselessness and weaknesses as it was demonstrated when she betrayed Daisuke Hiyama for being extremely weak against Hajime and left him to his demise at hands of Nagumo.

Eri Nakamura before her betrayal.

Due to Kaori and Shizuku being Kouki's childhood friends (despite the fact they are Hajime's lovers), Eri holds a murderously jealousy towards them and eternally hates them more than her hatred towards the rest of her classmates as she wants to kill them with the rest of their classmates so that she could have Kouki for herself and always considered both Kaori and Shizuku as her mortal enemies. When seeing Kaori was revived by Hajime, Eri's hatred towards her and Shizuku has grown even worse. She doesn't considered Suzu as her best friend but a nuisance who stood in her way to make Kouki her boyfriend. Although she's being terrified of Hajime's mass murders and monstrous strength, Eri also hates him for kept on ruining her plans despite how she personally felt for him months ago, but in her true nature, she was willing kill him as well.

Wait, hold on. Let's talk things through, Nagumo. Look at all these soldiers. They look like they're practically alive, don't they? It's unfortunate Kaori died, but I can at least make her like them. Besides, this way you'll be able to do whatever you want with her. So if you don't want her to rot away, you'll need to keep me ali-
~ Eri's cowardice for Hajime for what she and Hiyama did to Kaori.

Like Daisuke Hiyama, Eri is also a coward despite of her outwardly confidence as she is terrified to die by the hands of her now mutated, ruthless, sadistic and murderous classmate, Hajime Nagumo due of his demonic strength, murdering intents and ruthlessness after he murdered Cattleya. She viewed Hajime as a monster for his mass murders and genocides on those who gotten his way even when he ruined all of Eri's plans including prevent her from turning Kaori Shirasaki into Hiyama's zombie sex slave. When the rage-fueled Hajime marched toward Eri after realized what she and Hiyama have done to Shirasaki (who is his middle school lover and one of the few people that actually shown kindness and love for him), Nakamura cowardly begged to the monstrous sadist of sparing her life so that she would bring Kaori back as his slave which her offering was nothing but a dirty bargain that only angered Nagumo, despite she had betrayed Hiyama. She clearly underestimated Nagumo when she thought when she used Reichi Kondou (who was one of Hajime's former bullies that Nakamura killed when Hiyama betrayed Kondou and his other gangmates Saitou and Nakano) to stab Hajime from behind while his guard is down where she did not realized that Hajime easily blocked Kondou's spear with a small barrier from behind due to his enhanced senses. When failed to kill him after witnessed his wrath of destroying her zombie slaves and murdering Daisuke Hiyama, she is shown to be even more terrified when Hajime prepare to execute Eri for her failure attempts to make Kaori as an undead sex slave for Hiyama when she was unable to try to stab Hajime with daggers until she got away to Garland with the help of Freid Bagwa. Despite of her gaining more power as a hybrid, she wants to runaway with Kouki instead of fighting Hajime due to her ongoing fears for Nagumo.

Ahaha, give it up! She's already dead. I never thought you guys would show up here... Well, I should have expected it since Kaori was here and all... Looks like Hiyama's outlived his usefulness, so how about I give Kaori to you instead? If you promise not to fight me, I'll use my magic bring her back. She won't really come back to life, but at least she'll still look pretty. It's better than letting her rot, I imagine. What do you say?
~ Eri's betrayal to Hiyama and attempted to convince Hajime

Due to her intelligence and charismatic, Eri is highly manipulative, twisted and traitorous even more than Daisuke Hiyama. Due to her sweet tongue, She has easily manipulated her classmates into making friends with her including Suzu and the emotionally intelligent and her mortal enemy, Shizuku Yaegashi. She has a knowledge of Daisuke Hiyama's previously betrayal of his once failed attempt to kill Hajime only to return into an indestructible and mass murdering monster. She use this knowledge to blackmail Hiyama of doing her dirty works to ensure they will get those who they've obsessed until failed due to Hajime's arrival. While In her selfishly betrayal towards her classmates, Eri has no further use for her weak pawns such as Hiyama as she also betrayed him after he outlived of his uses and admittedly revealed that she never saw Hiyama as a comrade or a collaborator, but rather just a pawn to her when she attempted to convince Hajime to make Kaori as his slave since she realized how weak and worthless Hiyama truly was including that part that he was easily defeated by Hajime. While Hiyama facing his death, Eri has no intentions of going back to help her now-useless pawn who has failed her when she simply abandoned him due to Hiyama being pathetically weak to her future plans. Following her defection, Eri has little to no remorse for her actions and was fined of being branded as a traitor.

After her transformation by Ehit but no longer as a human anymore, Eri is fiercely loyal to the false god as she will do anything for Ehit to ensure letting her get Kouki for herself. And without any trace of humanity left inside of her heart, she is far too evil than before as she has no intentions to rejoice her classmates including her ex-best friend, Suzu even if they would forgive her due to her wanted to slaughter all of her classmates to have Kouki for herself. Even her defeat by Suzu, Eri still will never find resolves as she rather die instead of betraying Ehit despite Suzu ensured her that their classmates would forgive her and her treacherous actions as she attempted to kill Suzu by committing suicide for a self-destruct spell but also killed herself in a process.

During the time of her death (despite of her evilness and psychopathy as well she has discarded her sheds of humanity), Eri has a remnant honorable side when she wondered if she would have meet Suzu first before Kouki, things would turned differently and would have a close friendship.



In the beginning, Eri once had a lifetime with her parents. Unfortunately at age 6, she has a very tragic and miserable life. After her father died by a car accident, her mother abused Eri physically and mentally by blaming her for her father's death for 5 years. At age 11 after her mother's remarriage to another man, her newly stepfather (who revealed to be a pervert and a rapist who love sexing with little girls) has abused her physically and sexually as well raping her which led her neighbors call the police to arrest him. After her stepfather sent to prison, her mother abused her in a worse case when she nearly died which once again allowing the neighbors call the police to arrest her mother as well. She left her home and headed to the bridge from near river. When Eri attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge, she met Kouki Amanogawa and willing to make him as her boyfriend but until she became a psychopath and act to be friendly of her desire to kill Kouki's childhood friends, Kaori Shirasaki and Shizuku Yaegashi and the rest of her classmates including Hajime Nagumo himself (despite he was harmless) whom stands in her way to make Kouki as her boyfriend but she was powerless to make it happen knowing she would discriminate and would get arrested by the police as her mother and stepfather did. She continue her evil assassination plot on her classmates further If they are not in their world which Ehit summoned the so-called "Heroes".


In Tortus, It makes Eri's plot of her assassination on her classmates easier than she imagined and continually her act of being shy but nice person. Out of all of her classmates who were manipulated of Hiyama's lie of Hajime's presumably dead, Eri decided to use the knowledge to her advantage. While returned to the Orcus Labyrinth (which was already been cleared by Hajime), she terrified of Hajime when not only did he survived but has become a most powerful murderer. After Kaori left the "heroes" to join Hajime, Eri used Cattleya's body to spill everything to Garland's troop led by Freid Bagwa of Orcus Labyrinth cleared and Cattleya was killed by Hajime Nagumo. She had offered herself to betray her classmates to join them as Garland's spy when the war in Heiligh Kingdom will arrive.

Betrayal and Defection

After Hiyama gotten completely breakdown of his plan being backfired by Hajime, Eri confronted Hiyama of forming an alliance which he cannot refuse due to her manipulative of she would backfired his early failed attempt on killing Hajime (which caused him to become a monster) and would exposed this knowledge to their classmates. She confronted by a strange nun whose master holds amusement for her to continue her plans within few months as the so-called "god" provide his apostles army to support her plans.

During the war in Heiligh Kingdom, Eri and Hiyama has betrayed the kingdom and classmates. She killed Reichi Kondou (one of Hiyama's gang member). After Noint's death and the brainwash was undone, Eri send one of her zombie slave and killed the king and nobles of the kingdom. While Kouki submitted himself, Eri placed a poison from her kiss with Kouki. When she was about to both make Kaori into Hiyama's sex slave and kill Shizuku, Hajime shown and ruined their plans as well, consumed by rage as he unleashed his true power. Eri then deserted Hiyama out of his use after she is willing to offer Hajime to make Kaori as his slave. When Hajime marched to Eri, she beg her murderous classmate to spare her to make Kaori as Hajime's slave but only for his anger to worsen. She sent her slaves to kill Hajime only for the latter to destroy them easily. Eri then pulled her daggers in her attempt to kill Hajime only being easily overpowered by him. While fearing of Hajime was about to kill her, Hiyama (Eri's former ally who she betrayed) interfered by firing a fireball at Hajime. Following her slaves' and Hiyama's death, Hajime resumed trying to kill Eri until Freid and troops approached to use the civilians and classmates as hostages only for Hajime to vaporize the 100,000 troops. Following no other options, Eri and Freid retreated to Garland.


While meeting Ehit, Eri got an undergone transformation to become a hybrid Apostle. After captured Yue and gave her body to Ehit, she was granted to capture Kouki to give her as a "prize" for her loyalty and work.


Eri's death goodbye to Suzu

In the final war, Eri fought her ex-best friend, Suzu. After Eri was defeated by Suzu, Eri used a self-destruction to explode herself to try to kill Suzu but died in a process and her corpse was disintegrated without a trace.


  • Long Staff: As a necromancer, Eri's main weapon is a long staff.
  • Daggers: Eri also wielded daggers in her attempted to kill Hajime but lost them after Hajime easily overpowering her.
  • Twin Great swords: After her transformation by Ehit, Eri wielded two great swords.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Due to her undergone transformation by Ehit of become hybrid apostle, Eri possessed tremendous strength powerful than strength blessed humans. However, her strength holds inferiority towards both Hajime Nagumo and Kaori Shirasaki (while resided in Noint's body)
  • Immense Speed: Due to her transformation, Eri hold tremendous speed faster than speed based humans meaning she has surpass Shizuku Yaegashi's speed, but paled in comparison to Hajime and Kaori (while she resided in Noint's body).
  • Immense Durability: While as a human, Eri has a slightest durability to withstand her enemies' attacks such as Hajime when brutally overpowering her while in his enraged state from Kaori's temporarily death. Due to her transformation, Eri now have enhanced durability to withstand her enemies' attacks surpassing Ryutarou Sakagami's durability but paled to Hajime and Kaori (while resided in Noint's body).
  • Dark Magic: As a necromancer, Eri possessed dark magic of reviving the dead as zombies and controls them as puppets by torturing the souls of the dead to force them to do her bidding. She can negated magic such as Yue and place enemies unconscious as she did to Yue. In her defeat by Suzu, Eri also have an explosive magic that explode herself to kill anyone who come closer to her but died in a process when she attempted to kill Suzu.
  • Tactics expertise: Due to her intelligent, Eri is highly manipulative, twisted and treacherous, even more than Daisuke Hiyama when she used her sweet tongued to easily deceive her classmates into becoming friends with her especially her so-called "best friend", Suzu and her mortal enemy, Shizuku Yaegashi (despite of her emotionally intelligence) by acting harmless and innocent. She also has the knowledge of Hiyama's failed attempted murder on Hajime only to become a demonic monster as she would use this knowledge into an alliance or would exposed it if Hiyama refuses. She also acknowledge of using one of Hajime's lovers, Remia and his adoptive daughter, Myu to be good hostages against Hajime. In her attempted to manipulate Hajime by offering him to make Kaori as his slave for her own safety, she admittedly revealed that Hiyama was just a pawn and betrayed him for being weak and useless after she declared Hiyama had outlived his usefulness. However. her tactics and intelligence paled in comparison that of Hajime when she underestimated Nagumo even when her wickedness and manipulation doesn't work against him.
  • Swordsmanship: Eri learned from Meld's training after Hajime has left the so-called "heroes" while Kaori travels with him. She has a slightest pale method of using daggers when she attempted to kill Hajime only to be overpowered by him. After her transformation, Eri has tremendous talents of swordsmanship. Despite of her swords' weight, she can deflect attacks with her naked eyes.


  • Arrogance/Overconfidence/Delusional: Eri's main weaknesses is her overconfident and arrogance due to her delusional beliefs. She would celebrate when she was about to kill her classmates and made them as her zombie slave but it failed due to Hajime's interference when she didn't expected he would come so soon. While believing her magic would "revive" the dead, she completely underestimated Nagumo when he has the "Spirit Magic" that would revive the dead. When using Kondou of stabbing Nagumo from behind believing Hajime has dropped his guard, Eri is so arrogant and too delusional that she didn't realize that Hajime did not drop his guard when he used a small barrier to easily block Kondou's spear before blowing his head off with his shotgun (revolver in the anime). When she became a hybrid, her arrogance grew immensely as she would be happy to kill her classmates and obtain Kouki for herself. However, her arrogance became her downfall when she was defeated by Suzu Taniguchi (Eri's former fake best friend).
  • Disadvantages: Eri's secondary main weakness is her plot would be in a disadvantage. Her plans were foiled due to Hajime's unexpected interference. Her second attempted to use Remia, Myu, Aiko-Sensei, and her classmates against Hajime was even more futile when she, Freid and the demons of Garland were easily tricked by Nagumo when he feigned his surrender where Eri, Freid and the falsely demon god, Alva died in their final battle against Nagumo.
  • Cowardice: Like Daisuke Hiyama, Eri is a coward despite her overconfidence. She is afraid of her mutated and murderous classmate, Nagumo after witnessing his mass murders including killing Cattleya and her monster army. Equally as Hiyama, Eri doesn't fight her own battles when she uses her zombie slaves to fight her battles for her. When Nagumo angrily marched towards her after her plans were foiled by him, Eri cowardly begged her former classmate of sparing her life in exchange to make Kaori as his zombie slave as far as betraying Hiyama himself but only for her incurred Hajime's wrath. When her army were wiped out, Eri shown in great fear for Nagumo while being defenseless and he was almost going to kill her for what she and Daisuke Hiyama did to his precious Kaori, only for Nagumo to kill Hiyama instead until she retreated with a help of Fried (who picked her up) when Nagumo wiped out 100,000 of their troops. Despite of her being a hybrid, her cowardice remains uncharged when she is still afraid of Hajime as she wants to runaway with Kouki instead of fighting Nagumo. Instead of getting captured, torture and/or killed by Nagumo, Eri committed suicide by an explosion to avoid of Hajime's wrath.




Mr. Nakamura - Deceased Father

Mr. Nakamura was Eri's beloved late father.

The extent of their relationship is not known, however it appears that Eri had a genuinely strong bond with her father. Ultimately at age 6, Mr. Nakamura sacrificed his own life in order to save Eri from a car accident, but unfortunately he paid the ultimate price for his selflessness. Eri was genuinely devastated by his death and does not appear to have forgiven herself for this event. In Tortus however, Eri doesn't seem to shown any love or respects for her now late father in the present.

Mrs. Nakamura - Abusive Mother

Mrs. Nakmura is Eri's abusive mother.

It is unknown if they have a good relationship while her father was alive. However after Mr. Nakamura died from a car accident, Mrs. Nakamura holds a hatred towards her daughter as she blamed Eri for her husband's death by abusing her daughter physically and mentally for 5 years when she was 6 years old. At age 11, Eri's mother dated another man and brought him to their house just so she could start over as family again and would reconcile her actions to Eri. However, her mother has made a terrible mistake when she went out for work, her newly husband revealed to be a perverted rapist who enjoy having a sex with younger girls as he sexually abused and raped Eri. After her second husband gotten arrested by the police (due to him physically and sexually abusing as well raping Eri), Eri's mother once again blamed her daughter and abused her even further as she nearly killed Eri instead of forgiving her daughter for bringing a rapist man, only for Eri's neighbor to call the police again to arrest her mother as well. Her abusing methods has turned Eri into an evil, selfish, remorseless psychopath. Eri eventually hated her abusive mother and broken her bonds with her leaving Eri to live her entire life as an orphan. Eri inherited her mother's lustful behavior when she attempted to get Kouki Amanogawa to become her boyfriend especially attempting to kill her entire classmates.

Unnamed Man - Abusive and Rapist Stepfather

The unnamed man is Eri's abusive, rapist and perverted stepfather.

At age 11 after losing her father 5 years ago, Ms. Nakamura brought this man to Eri's house just so they would restart their family. Despite her mother's remarried to another man into her family however, Eri has a very bad relationship with her newly stepfather (who revealed to be a pervert and a rapist who satisfying of having a sex with younger girls) as he enjoyed of abusing Eri both physically and sexually as well raping her when Eri's mother went for work. She tried her best of wanted her stepfather to stop by cutting off her long hair keeping it short. But this man still obsessed of her when he continues of sexually tormenting her which caused Eri to scream in pain so loud, allowing her neighbors to hear her yelling and witness this sexually harassment where Nakamura's neighbors called the police to arrest her stepfather for sexual assaulting and raping Eri.

Love Interest

Kouki Amanogawa - Her Savior and Enemy

Kouki once save Eri's life from committing suicide after she was abused by both her mother and stepfather who are later imprisoned. Eri has attraction toward Kouki as she attempted to have him for herself, even going as far as willing to kill her entire classmates including Kouki's childhood friends, Kaori Shirasaki and Shizuku Yaegashi (who are Hajime's lovers), to claim him for herself. After he foolishly submitted, Eri place a poison into Kouki through their kiss to slowly make him as her slave. Kouki shown displeasure when Eri attempted to make Kaori as an undead slave for Hiyama until it was foiled when Hajime arrived. In his hopeless fight against Hajime, Kouki foolishly believed Hajime has "brainwashed" Eri, which is impossible as Hajime doesn't have any interactions with Eri. Upon their reunion after her transformation, Eri asked Kouki of her newly looks only for Kouki questioned of what Ehit has done to her. In the conflict, she asked Kouki if she was a good wife to him but only for him to be unknowable of her question. After capturing him again, Eri shown to Amanogawa of her being immensely clingy and delusional as well having little to no remorse of psychologically abusing his fragile psyche in order to "keep" him for herself.


Freid Bagwa - Ally

Following her defection, Eri and Freid are comrades. Despite of their allegiances, Freid doesn't hold a complete trust on Eri due to his hatred towards humans but willing to cooperate when his "god" finds her amusing.

Garland - True Allegiance

Eri revealed to her classmates that she is a spy to Garland. She chose to join them in their cause to destroy the Heiligh Kingdom and Eri's plot to kill all of her classmates excluding Kouki until their plans were foiled by Hajime as she retreated with them. Following their defeat, Eri has suggest Garland to capture both Remia and Myu to use them as hostages against Hajime.

Noint - Ally

Noint was intend to kill Eri. But when her master finds her amusing of her assassination plot on her classmates, Noint decided to assist Eri's plans. However, Eri's plans failed by the newly arrived Hajime, causing Eri, Freid and the remnant of their army to retreat from the Heiligh Kingdom without any further options due to their complete disadvantage against Hajime despite large number, after their ally, Noint died at the hands of Nagumo since Nakamura completely underestimated his abilities.

Ehit - God Wannabe and Master who summoned her and her classmates.

Eri has a complete loyalty to Ehit. Despite not meet face to face, Ehit amused of Eri and considering her as an interest "piece". He decided to assist her assassination plan to kill her classmates to get Kouki for herself. After meeting him, Ehit gives Eri an undergone transformation to become a hybrid Apostle to become his servant. He deemed Eri worthy after she brought Yue allowing Ehit to temporarily possess her body. Ehit then manipulated Eri of granted her wish to make Kouki as her "prize" for her service. Eri's loyalty to Ehit is undying as she refused to return to her classmates despite of Suzu's assurance of they would forgive her and her actions when she committed suicide by exploding herself in her attempt to kill Suzu but died in a process.

Daisuke Hiyama - Fellow Traitor as well her Disposable Pawn

Eri's former classmate and fellow traitor. As a sociopath and a psychopath, they don't view each other as friends or comrades. Eri blackmailed Hiyama to cooperate with her or she would expose his failed attempted assassination plot on Hajime (which turned him into a monster). When people would believe her, Hiyama accepted to do Eri's dirty works if it means to obtain Kaori for himself. However, their alliance is fragile when Eri and Hiyama only considered each other as pawns for their own schemes. Hiyama also planned to betray and kill Eri later. After stabbing Kaori, Hiyama ordered Eri to reanimate Shirasaki as his sex slave until this attempt was foiled due to the unexpected arrival of Hajime (who Eri and Hiyama thought he was fighting against their ally, Noint only to learned that Nagumo already killed her). For her own safety after her plans failed due to Hajime's arrival and Hajime saves Shirasaki (before handing her to Tio), Eri willingly betrayed Hiyama and renegaded in their deal without a moment's hesitation by offering Nagumo to make Kaori as his slave instead only for raged consumed Nagumo to immediately declined her dirty bargain. Since she witnessed Daisuke being pathetically weak, she concluded that Hiyama was no longer any further. When she was about to be killed by Hajime, Hiyama unintentionally saved her life by firing a fireball at Nagumo (though his fireball was too weak). Despite he saved her, Eri refused to help Hiyama against the monstrous Hajime when she used his distraction to put some distances between herself and Nagumo. While Hajime threw Hiyama to his death, Eri shown to be pitiless when she has no intentions to rescue the weak, helpless Hiyama and abandoned her pawn, leaving him for dead, and letting him experience of what treachery felt like after she has witnessed how weak and useless Hiyama truly was.

Even as Ehit's servant, Eri like everyone else, will always remember Hiyama as worthless when she cares nothing for her failed-yet-deceased pawn.


Suzu Taniguchi - Falsely Best Friend turned Archenemy

In her fake personality as a "shy girl", Eri become best friends with Suzu since elementary school. However, in her true nature, Eri never considered Suzu as her best friend and willing to kill her and the rest of her classmates due to them being in her way to make Kouki Amanogawa her boyfriend as Eri became Suzu's archenemy. From her betrayal, Suzu suffers a sorrow and anguish in her heart when she realized her friendship with Eri was just a fabricated lie for all this time. Despite of Eri's betrayal and their friendship was a ruse, Suzu doesn't hold a grudge on Eri for her betrayal as she determine of wanted to become Eri's friend. To do so, she want to get stronger with the assistance of Hajime. In their reunion, Eri still considered Suzu as a pebble on the street and will never consider Taniguchi as her best friend after the remorseless psychopath has thrown away her last shed of humanity. In her final battle and gotten defeated by Suzu, Suzu asked the defeated Eri to find redemption so that they could start over as friends in exchange their classmates would forgive her and her actions. However, Eri still rejects Suzu's plea and rather die when she chose to commit suicide by exploding herself in attempt to kill Suzu but died in a process. During the time for her death, Eri asked Suzu if she should have met her first before Kouki, they would have gain a close friendship.

Hajime Nagumo - Former Classmate turned Sworn Enemy

Why'd this monster have to show up and ruined all my plans?!
~ Eri when Hajime arrived and foiled her plans.

In her fake personality, it is unknown how she feel for Hajime. But in her true nature, Eri was willing to kill him with the rest of her classmates. However, seeing he is alive but obtained monstrous strength, Eri is terrified of Hajime of his strength and mass murdering intents after he killed Cattleya. Due to his mass murdering and genocide intents, Eri viewed Hajime as a monster that would kill anyone who gets in his way (including his classmates). Following his arrival and Kaori's temporarily death, Eri begged Hajime to spare her life to make Kaori as his zombie slave only to anger him despite her betrayal towards Hiyama. As Hajime has spirit magic, he doesn't need any favors from Eri and rejected her dirty, bargaining offer as he was willing to kill her for her betrayal. When Nagumo marching towards her, Eri sent out her slaves to kill Hajme only for him to destroy them easily as she has completely underestimated Nagumo. Eri then pulled out her daggers in her attempted to kill Hajime only to be easily overpowered by him. Hajime tormented her that he doesn't care what is her evil motivations or who caused her to become a traitor as he was prepare to kill her until Hiyama fired a fireball at Hajime (but did no damage) despite of Eri's betrayal towards Hiyama. After killing Hiyama, Hajime intends to proceed to kill Eri until Freid interfered. Following her defection, Eri attempted Aiko, Remia, Myu and his classmates as hostages against Hajime but foiled by Hajime as Eri's plans was so easily to be foiled when Hajime tricked Nakamura with a falsely surrender and unleashed a massacre in Garland. After Eri captured Yue, Hajime swore he will kill her due to Eri has no trace of humanity left in her. Despite acquiring strength, Eri remained as a coward when she only wants to escape with Kouki instead of fighting against Nagumo. Though he wants to kill her, Hajime fortunately didn't need to when she committed suicide to her attempted to kill Suzu but died in the progress in order to avoid of being captured, tortured or even killed by Nagumo. After her death, Hajime completely written Eri off as another self-deluded traitor after Hiyama.

Shizuku Yaegashi - Former Classmate turned Mortal Enemy

In her fake personality, Eri and Shizuku were close friends in high school. However, in her true nature, Eri holds a murderously hatred towards Shizuku for being Kouki's childhood friend (although she is Hajime's lover) as she wanted to kill her and the rest of their classmates to claim Kouki for herself. She considered Shizuku as one of her mortal enemies (along with Kaori). Eri was about to kill Shizuku and make her one of her zombie slaves until failed due to Hajime's arrival.

Kaori Shirasaki - Former Classmate turned Mortal Enemy

In her fake personality, Eri and Kaori were close friends in high school and chose to support her claims that Hajime is alive which is true. However, in her true nature, Eri hold a murderously hatred towards Kaori and considered her as one of her two mortal enemies (along with Shizuku) due to her being Kouki's childhood friend (although she is Hajime's lover) as she wanted to kill her and the rest of her classmates to claim Kouki for herself. When she was about to turn Kaori into Hiyama's zombie sex slave, Hajime arrived and dispelled Eri's magic. In her chance to survive from Hajime, Eri betrayed Hiyama and begged Hajime to spare her life so she could make Kaori as his zombie slave instead but only angers him despite her betrayal towards Hiyama. After Kaori was revived by Hajime, Eri's hatred towards Kaori grew even worse. Despite knowing of her true evil nature and what she did, Kaori doesn't hold a grudge on Eri.

Ryutarou Sakagami - Former Classmate turned Enemy

In her fake personality, Eri was Ryutarou's close friend. However in her true nature, Eri revealed that Ryutarou and the rest of their classmates were nothing but pawns to her. Ryutarou holds hostility when she attempted to turn Kaori in Hiyama's undead sex slave until he was relief when Hajime ruined their plans.

In their reunion in the final battle, Ryutarou shown furious towards Eri when she ignored Suzu and even himself as she is focusing on Kouki.

Myu and Remia - Dagon Mother and Daughter

Eri viewed Remia and Myu as suitable hostages against Hajime.

Liliana S. B. Heiligh - Princess of the Heiligh Kingdom

In her fake personality, Eri and Liliana were close friends. However, in her true nature, she viewed the princess as a pawn. After killing her father, Liliana holds a hatred toward Eri.

Reichi Kondou - Falsely Ally and Killed Victim

During the demon invasion as well both of her and Daisuke Hiyama's betrayals towards their classmates, Eri killed Reichi Kondou under the fully permit of Hiyama (Reichi's treacherous leader who betrayed him). She used her spell to reanimate Reichi as one of her zombie slaves. However, when Hajime arrived and foiled all of her plans, Eri sent the undead Kondou to kill Nagumo only for his corpse to be easily destroyed by his now-formerly victim by blowing Kondou's head off with his gun in order to put him out of Reichi's misery.

Her classmates - Falsely Allies turned Enemies

In her fake personality, Eri make friends with her classmates. However, in her true nature, she personally hates her classmates and considered them as pawns. She attempted to kill her classmates and make them her zombie slaves to ensure she claims Kouki for herself. Her pretending to becomes with her classmates has really disgusted her for a long time considering it as "playhouse". After she killed Kondou, her betrayal has deeply impacted her classmates causing them to acknowledge her a traitor, but lesser than Hiyama (due to their hatreds towards his selfishness and arrogance). Her attempted murder for her classmates has failed due to her classmate and the demonic mass murderer, Hajime Nagumo. After becoming a Human-Apostle hybrid, Eri is now happily pleasured that she has enough power to kill all of her classmates. Even in her defeat by Suzu, Eri would rather die instead than rejoining her classmates as she attempted to commit suicide in her attempt to kill Suzu despite of Suzu told her their classmates she would forgive her for her actions. After her death, Eri's classmates (like Hajime Nagumo) completely written Nakamura off as a traitor (just like Hiyama).

Aiko Hatayama - Her Teacher and Enemy

In her fake personality, Eri and Aiko were close relationship of teacher and student. But in her true nature, she doesn't care about her teacher as she is willing to kill her and the rest of her classmates due to them being her way to make Kouki as her boyfriend.

Hajime's lovers - Enemies

Yue, Shea Haulia and Shea Haulia

Eri made enemies with Yue, Shea Haulia and Tio Klarus. When she attempted to escape, they've surrounded her as she is no match for them. After Eri turned into a hybrid, she captured one of them (Yue) for Ehit's temporarily possession.


Following her suffering from her abusive mother, Eri turned into a completely villainous, remorseless and destructive psychopath. She killed many of the Templar Knights (thanks to her dark magic) and reanimated them as her zombies. Before her death, she admitted that if she would've meet Suzu Taniguchi before Kouki, she would never have became a villain or kill anyone.

  • Over 500 Templar Knights
  • Countless Heiligh Kingdom Civilians
  • Reichi Kondou
  • Eliheid S. B. Heiligh
  • Nia
  • Heiligh Kingdom's nobles (all indirectly caused)
  • Daisuke Hiyama (intended; succeeded by Hajime Nagumo as she betrayed him)
  • Kaori Shirasaki (attempted; failed due to Hajime)
  • Her Classmates (attempted; failed due to Hajime)
  • Hajime Nagumo (attempted; easily backfired)
  • Shizuku Yaegashi (attempted; failed due to Hajime)
  • Suzu Taniguchi (attempted; failed due to Hajime)


  • Due to her treasons, Eri is one of the weakest and most hated character in the series so far.
  • Eri is one of three members of her class to turn traitor, the others being Yukitoshi Shimizu and Daisuke Hiyama.
    • Despite her tragic backstory of being raised by her abusive mother, fans generally considered Eri to be the most evil of the trio and the series arch-traitor, especially for her manipulation and betrayal towards Daisuke Hiyama.
  • Nakamura was also one of four members of her class to die within the original story line. Chronologically, she was the last of the quartet to perish having met her end in Volume 11. Shimizu died in Volume 3, whilst Kondou and Daisuke died in Volume 6. The deaths of the students in order are: Yukitoshi Shimizu, Reichi Kondou, Daisuke Hiyama and Eri Nakamura.
    • Eri was the only one of these villains to die by her own hand, whereas the others were all killed by someone else. Shimizu and the zombified Kondou (who was killed and reanimated by Eri) were both executed by Hajime Nagumo to put them out of their miseries. Daisuke Hiyama meanwhile, was devoured to death by monsters, having already suffered from a savage and humiliating defeat at Hajime's hands.
  • Her death is similar to Deidara from Naruto, where they exploded themselves in an attempt to kill their enemies.
  • She, Hajime and Shimizu are the only characters within Arifureta to have tragic backstories. Eri's is usually considered to be the worst of the three by fans.
  • Apart from Hajime, Eri is the only other student to have successfully killed one of her former classmates (Reichi Kondou).
    • She is also the only one of the three traitors who managed to kill someone, as the other two, Daisuke Hiyama and Yukitoshi Shimizu, both failed all of their attempts, finding themselves killed instead, both at the hands of Hajime (due to their weaknesses, incompetence and stupidity), while Eri dies committing suicide, resulting in her being the only one of the three traitors not to die at the hands of Nagumo.
  • As the self-proclaimed archenemy of both Kaori Shirasaki and Shizuku Yaegashi, Eri is fit of being a psychopathic, remorseless, murderous, traitorous, delusional, selfish, harassing, perverted, torturous, manipulative, bond destroying, power-hungry, and charismatic villains.
    • Eri (like her counterparts) acts as a kindhearted, selfless and harmless person until she revealed her true nature of being selfish, sadistic and remorseless psychopath.
    • Eri (like some of those from the category) became psychopathy when they were raised by an abusive parent (such as her mother and a rapist stepfather).
    • Eri (just like others) hates both Kaori Shirasaki and Shizuku Yaegashi due to her jealousy towards them of being the childhood friends of her crush Kouki Amanogawa (despite the fact they are actually Hajime's lovers it was due to her delusional beliefs).
    • Eri (like the rest) used protagonist's most hated yet weak enemy/self-proclaimed love rival (mainly Daisuke Hiyama) to do her dirty works until she betrayed Hiyama after she is done using him for being weak and worthless.
    • Eri (like those female villainesses in the category) is lustful for Kouki Amanogawa and attempted to have him as her "boyfriend" even if it means of killing her classmates.
    • Eri (some in the categories) is a weak coward when she tries to persuade Hajime Nagumo (the series' protagonist) when she offered him to resurrect Kaori as his slave which is nothing but a dirty bargain.
    • Eri (like the rest) escaped from Hajime when she, Freid Bagwa and the demon army were easily defeated by Hajime, swearing she will come back to kill Hajime, his lovers and their classmates in acquire Kouki for herself.
  • Along with Hajime and Kaori, Eri can no longer be considered fully human, having been upgraded into an apostle-human hybrid by Ehit.
  • In her conversation with Hiyama, her voice became deeper when she revealed her true nature towards him much like Raynare.
  • In Japanese, Eri refers to herself as Boku (ぼく), a boyish first-person pronoun, instead of Watashi (私), a gender neutral first-person pronoun that most females use.

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