Fufu, I’m so glad we all came to this world. Getting rid of all of you would have been difficult back in Japan. Which is why, of course, I can’t let you guys win this war and go back home. Because Kouki-kun’s going to spend the rest of his days here, with me. Forever.
~ Eri's true nature.
Wait, wait a bit, Nagumo. Come on, look at the surrounding people? There’s not much difference between them and the living? Although it can’t be helped that she’s dead, at the very least I could make her like them? Furthermore, I can create a Kaori that you like? For that you’ll absolutely need me...
~ Eri's cowardice for Hajime.
Kill him!
~ Eri send her zombie slaves to Hajime.

Eri Nakamura is one of the secondary antagonist characters from the Japanese light novel series "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō". She is one of the main antagonists of the Demon Invasion/War on the Heiligh Kingdom Arc. She is one of the secondary antagonists of the final Arc. She is one of Hajime's classmates and enemies. Due to her hatred of her entire classmates, She is also the archenemy of her "best friend" Suzu Taniguchi as well Shizuku Yaegashi and Kaori Shirasaki.

She was originally one of the summoned heroes but later betrayed her classmates to the demons. Used her original darkness magic "Soul Bind" to manipulate countless numbers of dead puppet soldiers. After she obtain the power of apostle, she became more powerful than before and able to manipulate Kouki Amanogawa using soul bind even without killing him. She died using self destruct power which is her "last loyalty" after knowing that Kouki no longer being manipulated by her. After she died, she has a face to face communication with best friend Suzu Taniguchi, telling her she would have been better if she met Suzu first instead of Kouki during her childhood time.

Before the war begins, Eri became a sleeper agent of Garland. During the war in the Heiligh Kingdom, Eri and Daisuke Hiyama has betrayed the Heiligh Kingdom and classmates as well are branded as traitors when they murdered the knights and their classmates. However, failed when Hajime arrived, she has betrayed Hiyama. After Hiyama's death, she retreated with Freid Bagwa to Garland. During the final battle, she fought and got defeated by Suzu until she committed suicide by self-destructing herself via an explosion.

After the manipulating Kouki to her side, she behaves just like her disowned mother by being clingy towards Kouki.


Eri has short black hair that is kept in a tiny bob. She has brown eyes and is usually seen wearing glasses. After She discarded and broke her glasses, she shown her true nature when he has a sinister smirk at her face.

After obtaining the power of an apostle, she grows wings and black hair turned into grey.


In the beginning, Eri is portrayed as a calm and quiet girl that loves books. Later on, however, it is shown that she is very cunning and willing to take advantage of classmates for her gain. She has a very deep obsession on Kouki to the point that she is willing to kill him to "soul bind" him and make him her puppet.

In her tragedy of her past, she was blamed and abused by her mother after her father died by a car accident and made her childhood life extremely miserable. After her mother's remarriage, she was abused by her stepfather physically until he was arrested by the police. After her stepfather's sentence to prison, her mother abused her even further that nearly killed her until the police arrested her mother as well. From her suffering of pain and agony she received from both her mother and stepfather, she holds a hatred toward her mother for her remarriage and broken her bond between herself and her mother. These resulted has made Eri as a deranged evil girl.

She pretended to be kind and compassionate to make friends with her classmates especially her ex-best friend, Suzu Taniguchi. But truth, she is evil as she has no concerns about them as they are nothing but pawns to her. She attempted to kill her classmates to become her zombie slaves. Her pretends of making friends with her classmates has really disgusted her. She has no regards on betraying them after revealed her true nature as well being Garland's spy. In her retreat to Garland thanks to Hajime, she is none than less glad she is no longer being in a "playhouse" with her classmates for a long time in her assassination plot on her classmates.

Due to her suffering from anguish and agony after lost her birth father from a car accident and later her mother and stepfather were abusing her both physically and mentality which she almost died at the hands of her mother, Eri revealed to her classmates of her true nature as a ruthless, uncaring, cruel, arrogant, sadistic and twisted lunatic. Due to her tragedy of her suffering by both her mother and stepfather, She is an evil girl who holds a selfish lust for Kouki of wanted to make her boyfriend and wanted to kill all the other girls which includes Kouki's childhood friends Kaori and Shizuku and the rest of her classmates but failed due to Hajime's arrival. While seeing how weak Hiyama was, Eri has no uses for him as she betrayed Hiyama when he outlived his usefulness in her attempted to convince Hajime to make Kaori as his undead slave.

Due to her cruelty and sadism, Eri is an extremely abusing torturer who enjoys enslaving her zombie slaves and torturing the souls of the dead to force to do her bidding. She doesn't flinch when seeing her classmates suffers in despair and agony much of her joys.

Due to Kaori and Shizuku being Kouki's childhood friends (although they're Hajime's lovers, not Kouki's), Eri holds a murderously jealously at them and eternally hates them as she wants to kill them along with the rest of her classmates so that she could have Kouki for herself. She doesn't considered Suzu as her best friend but a nuisance who stood in her way to make Kouki her boyfriend. Although being terrified of Hajime's genocides and monstrous strength, Eri also hates him for kept on ruining her plans despite how she personally felt for him months ago but willing kill him as well.

Why'd this monster have to show up and ruined all my plans?!
~ Eri when Hajime arrived and foiled her plans.

Like Daisuke Hiyama, Eri is also a coward despite of her outwardly confidence as she is terrified to die by the hands of her now mutated and murderous classmate, Hajime Nagumo of his demonic strength, murdering intents and ruthlessness after he murdered Cattleya. She viewed Hajime as a monster for his genocides on those who gotten his way and ruining all of Eri's plans. While Kaori's temporarily death and Hajime marched toward Eri, she begged him to spare her life to bring Kaori back as his slave which only angered the demonic mass murderer. When failed to kill him after witnessed his wrath of destroying her zombie slaves, she is shown to be even more terrified when Hajime fed Hiyama (despite of her betrayal toward him) to the monsters and prepare to execute Eri for her failure attempts to make Kaori as an undead sex slave for Hiyama until she got away to Garland with the help of Freid Bagwa.

Due to her intelligence, Eri is highly manipulative and traitorous even more than Daisuke Hiyama. She manipulated her classmates into making friends with her including Suzu. She has a knowledge of Daisuke Hiyama's previously betrayal of his once failed attempt to kill Hajime only to return into an indestructible and mass murdering monster. She used this knowledge to blackmail Hiyama to cooperate with her to ensure they will get those who they've obsessed until failed due to Hajime's arrival. While In her selfishness of betraying her classmates, Eri has no further use for her weak allies such as Hiyama as she betrayed him and discarded of his uses for her attempted to convince Hajime to make Kaori as his slave due to Hiyama being too weak against Hajime.

After her transformation by Ehit but no longer as a human anymore, Eri is fiercely loyal to the false god as she will do anything for Ehit to ensure letting her get Kouki for herself. And without any trace of remorse, resolves, goodness or humanity left inside of her, She is far too evil than before as she has no intentions to rejoice her classmates including her ex-best friend, Suzu even if they would forgive her due to her wanted to slaughter all of her classmates to have Kouki for herself. Even her defeat by Suzu, Eri still will never find resolves and refused to betray Ehit as she attempted to kill Suzu by committing suicide for a self-destruct spell but also killed herself as well.



In the beginning, Eri once had a lifetime with her parents. Unfortunately, she has a tragic life. After her father died by a car accident, her mother abused her. After her mother's remarriage, her stepfather has abused her which led her neighbors call the police to arrest him. After her stepfather sent to prison, her mother abused her in a worse case when she nearly died which once again allowing the neighbors call the police to arrest her mother as well. When Eri attempted to commit suicide, she met Kouki Amanogawa and willing to make him as her boyfriend but until she became a psychopath and act to be friendly of her desire to kill Kouki's childhood friends, Kaori Shirasaki and Shizuku Yaegashi and the rest of her classmates including Hajime Nagumo (despite he was harmless) whom stands in her way to make Kouki as her boyfriend but she was powerless to make it happen knowing she would discriminate and would get arrested by the police as her mother and stepfather did. She continue her evil assassination plot on her classmates further If they are not in their world which Ehit summoned the so-called "Heroes".


In Tortus, It makes Eri's plot of her assassination on her classmates easier than she imagined and continually her act of being shy but nice person. Out of all of her classmates who were manipulated of Hiyama's lie of Hajime's presumably dead, Eri decided to use the knowledge to her advantage. While returned to the Orcus Labyrinth (which was already been cleared by Hajime), she terrified of Hajime when not only did he survived but has become a most powerful murderer. After Kaori left the "heroes" to join Hajime, Eri used Cattleya's body to spill everything to Garland's troop led by Freid Bagwa of Orcus Labyrinth cleared and Cattleya was killed by Hajime Nagumo. She had offered herself to betray her classmates to join them as Garland's spy when the war in Heiligh Kingdom will arrive.

Betrayal and Defection

After Hiyama gotten completely breakdown of his plan being backfired by Hajime, Eri confronted Hiyama of forming an alliance which he cannot refuse due to her manipulative of she would backfired his early failed attempt on killing Hajime (which caused him to become a monster) and would exposed this knowledge to their classmates. She confronted by a strange nun who's master holds amuse for her to continue her plans within few months as the so called "god" provide his apostles army to support her plans.

During the war in Heiligh Kingdom, Eri and Hiyama has betrayed the kingdom and classmates. She killed Reichi Kondou (one of Hiyama's gang member). After Noint's death and the brainwash was undone, Eri send one of her zombie slave and killed the king and nobles of the kingdom. While Kouki submitted himself, Eri place a poison from her kiss with Kouki. When she was about to both make Kaori to Hiyama's sex slave and kill Shizuku, Hajime shown and ruined their plans as well Hajime consumed by rage as he unleashed his true power. Eri then deserted Hiyama out of his use after she is willing to offer Hajime to make Kaori as his slave. When Hajime marched to Eri, she beg her murderous classmate to spare her to make Kaori as Hajime's slave but only anger him for worse. She send her slaves to kill Hajime only for the latter to destroy them easily. Eri then, pulled her daggers in her attempt to kill Hajime only being easily overpowered by him. While fearing of Hajime was about to kill her, Hiyama (Eri's former ally who she betrayed) interfered by firing a fireball at Hajime. Following her slaves' and Hiyama's death, Hajime has continued to willing to kill Eri until Freid and troops approached to used the civilians and classmates only for Hajime demolished 100,000 troops. Following no other options, Eri and Freid retreated to Garland.


While meeting Ehit, Eri got an undergone transformation to become a hybrid Apostle. After captured Yue and gave her body to Ehit, she was granted to capture Kouki to give her as a "prize" for her loyalty and work.


In the final war, Eri fought her ex-best friend, Suzu. After Eri was defeated by Suzu, Eri used a self-destruction to explode herself to try to kill Suzu but died in a process.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Due to her undergone by Ehit of become hybrid apostle, Eri possessed tremendous strength powerful than strength blessed humans.
  • Dark Magic: As a necromancer, Eri possessed dark magic of reviving the dead and control them as puppets by torturing the souls of the dead to force them to do her bidding. She can negated magic such as Yue and place enemies unconscious as she did to Yue.
  • Tactics expertise Due to her intelligent, Eri easily deceive her classmates into become friends with her. She also has the knowledge of Hiyama's failed attempted murder on Hajime only to become a demonic monster knowledge into an alliance or would exposed it if he refuse. She also acknowledge of using one of Hajime's lovers, Remia and his adoptive daughter, Myu to be good hostages against Hajime. In her attempted to convince Hajime to make Kaori as his slave for her own safety, she revealed Hiyama was a pawn and betrayed him when he outlived his usefulness.


  • Superiority: Despite of her immense strength of being a hybrid, Her strength is inferior to an actual Apostle or Kaori Shirasaki (while in Noint's body) as well her strength is far weaker than the demonic empowered Hajime Nagumo. Despite of her intelligence, Eri's plan of using her classmates and the Heiligh Kingdom's people as hostages taking won't work on Hajime when he destroyed 100,000 demon troops with his satellite. Her tactics of trying to capture Myu and Remia to use them as hostage were too predictable due to Hajime knowing and ruining her plans as he killed Alv.
  • Cowardice: Like Daisuke Hiyama, Eri is also a coward who scared of her monstrous classmate, Hajime Nagumo as she begged him to spare her to revive Kaori as his slave which only anger him further after she betrayed Hiyama. She fears Hajime worse when he murdered Hiyama.





  • Countless Templar Knights
  • Reichi Kondou (alive)
  • Eliheid S. B. Heiligh
  • Nia


  • Eri was one of the four (formerly five) classmates who died (along with Yukitoshi Shimizu, Kaori Shirasaki (formerly due to her revival), Reichi Kondou and Daisuke Hiyama). She is the only one who committed suicide by exploded herself in her attempted to kill her ex-best friend, Suzu Taniguchi.
  • Eri's death moments holds similarity to Deidara when they exploded themselves on their attempts to kill their enemies.
  • Eri was the fourth (formerly fifth) and final classmate to die.
  • Eri was one of the few who had tragic lives (other beings are Hajime Nagumo and Yukitoshi Shimizu).
  • Eri was one of the three who killed their own classmates.
  • Eri was one of the three classmates who are no longer humans anymore (the other beings are Hajime Nagumo and Kaori Shirasaki).
  • Eri was one of the three classmates who are traitors (along with Yukitoshi Shimizu and Daisuke Hiyama) as well being the only female traitor. However, when she abandoned Hiyama of her attempted to convince Hajime, Eri is considered to be the biggest traitor in the whole series.
  • In her true nature, Eri revealed to be the most evil classmate meaning she's eviler than Shimizu and Hiyama.
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