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Eric Doyle, also known as the Spider, is the main antagonist of the Season 1 episode "A Priest Walks Into a Bar" from the TV series Lucifer.

He was portrayed by Adam Bartley.


At some point in his life, Doyle became a councillor working at a youth centre in Los Angeles headed by Lenny Arietta. By this time, he became involved in a drug operation targeting kids and he started going under the street name "the Spider", earning himself a violent reputation. Wanting to take over the business for himself, he used a kid named Connor to kill Lenny. When the police arrived and found Lenny dead, Doyle played along and told him good things about Lenny as a boss. Upon secretly realizing that the priest Father Frank Lawrence was onto Lenny's drug operation and was trying get Connor out of it, he sends the kid to kill him in an attempted drive-by shooting but it failed.

In a final attempt to sway Connor into the drug ring completely and remove Father Frank as a threat, Doyle had Connor lure him back to the church so he could kill him and remove any attachments to him. Although Doyle tried to convince him to kill Frank, Connor was unable to and dropped the gun. Not wanting any loose ends since he was now in charge, Doyle pulled out his gun and tried to kill him only for Frank to take the bullet. Doyle was then suddenly shot by Detective Chloe Decker and he collapsed to the ground while Lucifer Morningstar rushed to Frank. Frank succumbed to the bullet wound and enraged Lucifer enough to try and kill Doyle. Lucifer lifted Doyle up against the wall by his neck and tried to kill him, but Decker persuaded him from doing so. Doyle was arrested afterwards and Connor gave them enough to out the drug front.


  • In the official description for the episode, Doyle's name was listed as "Doyle Crain".


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