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Revenge is fun.
~ Eric Knox

Eric Knox (born John McKinnon) is the hidden main antagonist in the 2000 action-comedy film Charlie's Angels. He is a brilliant young scientist and the founder of his namesake company Knox Industries.

He is portrayed by Sam Rockwell, who also portrayed another villain; Justin Hammer.


His expertise is in voice recognition software and his signature product will allow computer systems to map a voice to a person like a fingerprint. When Knox is kidnapped and his software is stolen, an elite team of three female private investigators are called in to work on the case: Charlie's Angels.

Knox Industries president Vivian Wood hires Charles Townsend and his girls to find Knox and bring back the software and she points them to the man who tried to buy Knox Industries and was recently spurned, Roger Corwin, owner of Red Star Systems. His company specializes in satellite tracking and Knox's software would undoubtedly allow him to find anyone in the world just by the sound of their voice.

The girls infiltrate Red Star and steal Corwin's system software to locate the stolen Knox software. In the meantime, Knox beds one of the Angels, Dylan, and gains her trust. Before they realize what's happening however, Knox turns on Dylan, revealing that the kidnapping was a setup and that Red Star was nothing but a red herring. In fact, the girls were used to steal Red Star's software for Knox to use, and he will use it to settle a personal vendetta against the girls' boss. Knox claims that Charlie killed his father when they were in Army Intelligence together. His facts are wrong, but try telling that to a vengeful son.

Ultimately, all of Knox's smarts and charm can't save him from the relentless Angels, who are intent on saving their boss and mentor. Knox eventually flies a helicopter to Charlie's remote beach house and readies a heat-seeker. The Angels miraculously turn the missile against the chopper by switching it to the heat-seeking setting, and Knox perishes in a huge fireball over the ocean.


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