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Eric Mitchell is an unseen fictional character and posthumous antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He arguably served as the overarching antagonist in the Mitchell Family's long-running story arc on the show.

Depicted as a member of the established Mitchell Family, Eric was the late father of Sam Mitchell and her brothers Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell - also known as the Mitchell Brothers - as well as the former husband of their mother Peggy Mitchell. He was also the brother of Archie Mitchell and the younger son of Phillip Mitchell.

While he never physically appeared on the show, Eric played a significantly impactful role within the Mitchell Family storylines; he was often mentioned by Phil after it transpired that Eric had abused both Peggy and Phil before his death, but he never mistreated Grant since the latter was regarded to be Eric's favorite child.

The actor who portrayed Eric Mitchell in the photo is unknown.


1940 - 1985

Eric Mitchell was born in London 1940. He had a brother named Archie Mitchell and together the pair were mistreated by their father Phillip Mitchell. When their father passed away, Eric told Archie that it was a "good day".

Over the years, Eric met a woman named Peggy and they got married. During his youth, Eric worked for his crime boss Johnny Allen while he was focusing on his boxing career - though it soon all went down into a downward spiral. Eric's wife Peggy tried to develop a relationship with Johnny, but he was not interested in her. Johnny would often taunt Eric, forcing him to do jobs because Eric was a better boxer than him. Eric would later take his anger out on his wife Peggy and their eldest son Phil Mitchell, when he was 9 years old as Phil always mentioned how he would get the belt on Phil every time he upset him. On the other hand, Eric would never hurt his other son Grant Mitchell - with whom was regarded to be Eric's favorite child. Peggy would later tried to save her marriage only to be pregnant with her daughter Sam Mitchell, born in 1975.

Kevin Masters employed Peggy to work at his own minicab firm but it has been meticulously revealed that they were both having an affair behind Eric's back while he was suffering from cancer. Peggy later quitted her job and she sat by Eric during his final moments as he's about to pass away on his death bed from cancer with his wife Peggy by her side. Eric passed away in 1985.

Eric has been mentioned by Phil alot of times during his time in the show when he tried to abuse his son Ben Mitchell the same way Eric abused Phil years ago but it was prevented by Peggy and Archie when they protected Ben after their own family dinner gone wrong. Peggy later regretted ignoring Phil from being abused by Eric, storming off back into her room.

In 2015, Phil's enemy Vincent Hubbard got into a scrap with Phil wanting revenge claiming his father Eric killed Vincent's father but it was later revealed that his mother Claudette Hubbard was involved with his death. Somewhere around 2016, Peggy would later scroll through a box of her old photos with Eric back in the old days. Peggy would later pass away from a drug overdose. All of her family members attended her funeral.



  • Eric Mitchell was 45 years old when he passed away in 1985 after being born in 1940.