Eric Von Viesel was the primary antagonist of Frogger's Journey: The Forgotten Relic. Eric kidnapped Frogger's Grandfather, Finnius, so that he could claim the discovery of the Opart, and use the Opart of Destruction's power to his advantage by creating an ultimate weapon.


Eric Von Veisel

Eric talking to Dusty, after having learned about Frogger's conflict with the Black Lotus Society.

As Frogger approaches the Dig Site, where he was told his grandfather was, he meets Eric Von Viesel. Eric recognizes Frogger instantly, because he looked very similar to his Grandfather. Eric was sorry that Frogger "looked so much like Finnius." After leaving the Dig Site, Eric was unaware that the statues that were at the Dig Site held much value, and left them as was. Eric later realized his mistake, and later cleverly planned for another one of his enemies, The Black Lotus Society to capture Frogger's Opart. After Frogger retrieves his Opart, one of Eric Von Veisel's subordinates, Dusty installs a malicious program onto Frogger's Opart, causing it to malfunction. Frogger is unaware that Dusty is working with Eric, and trusts Dusty deeply. Frogger then finds Leona is missing in Kahboti, which prompts him to go to Eric's Mansion. Eric is with Dusty, revealing Dusty's betrayal to Frogger. Eric reveals his plan to Frogger to retrieve a second Opart so that he could become powerful by means of creating an ultimate weapon. After Eric's monologue, he puts his plans in action. Here it is also revealed that Eric has caged Frogger's grandfather, and Leona.  After rescuing his Grandfather and Leona, Frogger returns to Kahboti, where he fights both Dusty and Eric. Eric uses the Opart's power to create a force field, and can now shoot a laser at Frogger. Eric later gets enraged at Frogger, as Frogger reflects the energy back at Eric. After Eric is defeated, the cave in which they are fighting in, in the Dig Site starts to collapse. It is presumed that both Eric and Dusty did not survive.



Eric furious at Frogger after Frogger reflected Eric's energy beam back at him.

Eric is shown to have a cold, selfish, and manipulating personality. Dusty is used many times by Eric, and Dusty even admits it, citing that the reason why he was helping Eric was because of the good pay, saying that "times were tough." This suggests that Eric manipulated Dusty through bribery to help him. After Dusty fails Eric, Eric violently beats up Dusty, showing that he has no tolerance for failure. His selfishness is also seen when he wants to claim the discovery of the Opart for himself, going through the lengths to kidnap multiple people as well. He also has a disregard for everything other than himself, which is seen when Frogger finds an anchor from on of Eric's ships in the Atlantean beast, which was the cause of the beast becoming angry. Eric is cruel, and there are no visible redeeming qualities to his character.
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