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But it was ME alone who dared to reach for the stars! It was ME who stole invincibility from the gods! It was ME who made eternal life bearable by the sweet caress of sunshine!
~ Eric Zwart
And now there's nothing to stand in my way! I shall be free to walk the earth like your kind! No more hiding in darkness! No more fearing the stake! The flames cannot hurt me anymore! I can walk on the very rays of the sun! Watch me reclaim my birthright and live like the king of the Earth!
~ Eric Zwart

Eric Zwart was the main antagonist of the West arc of Season 7 in Criminal Case.


Early Life

Eric was a soldier in a war, when vampire coven leader Dr Aculus saved him from dying in the war. Zwart joined the coven in Seattle, Washington. He found a human girlfriend, Lucy Winters, and found an ancient book titled Grimoire of Bloode: A Book of Legynds, a vampire text that includes the recipe for an invincibility serum that would render him immune to wooden stakes and sunlight, with the only weakness being a stake dipped in virgin blood. Eric tore out the page with the recipe, and the remainder of the book was found in Black Ridge, Nevada, a ghost town deserted in 1925 due to poisoned soil.

Seattle & Oregon

Lucy Winters tragically died after another vampire drained her of blood. Eric mourned her death, but continued to seek the invincibility serum after her killer was incarcerated. As the first ingredient to the potion was virgin blood, Eric kidnapped a high school graduate, Mina Reynolds, in order to harvest her blood. Mina was transported to a hidden cave in Oregon.

San Francisco

The second ingredient was the Dawn of Night flower, a rare, seasonal flower only found in northern California. The player's team visited San Francisco in order to secure the flowers before Eric did, and picked the last remaining flower, but Eric assaulted the player's lore expert, Felix Reed, and stole the flower from his trailer.

Los Angeles

Finally, Eric went to Los Angeles, California to attend Dr Aculus' deathday ball at his mansion. However, Dr Aculus tried to stop Eric from acquiring the elixir. To continue on with his plans, Eric decapitated Aculus on the ballroom stairs and took Aculus' head to Aculus' bedroom.

In the end, the player found enough evidence to find Eric guilty of the murder of Dr Aculus. At first, Eric denied involvement, but eventually admitted that Aculus had previously underestimated Eric for his age, so he decided to "dispatch the old coward to hell." He revealed that he had already taken the immortality elixir, immolating himself to show he was immune to fire. The player's partner, Luke Fernandez, used a wooden stake dipped in Mina Reynold's blood to stab Eric in the heart. Eric turned blue and disintegrated into ashes.


  • Eric is one of the characters to appear as a suspect twice.
  • Eric is one of the characters who animate (or move) during at least one cutscene in the game.
  • Eric is one of the non-human killers in the game.


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