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"Sorry, kid, got a tan to top up. Airport please, don't spare the 'orses".
~ Erica's last words before she departs Weatherfield following the exposure of her adulterous nature.

Erica Holroyd is a fictional character and an antagonist of the British soap opera drama Coronation Street. She appeared as a major character from 2014-2016 before becoming a supporting antagonist in 2017.

She was played by Claire King, who is best known for portraying Kim Tate in Emmerdale.


Erica Holroyd first came to Weatherfield whereupon her longtime friend Liz McDonald resides at the street's local public house - The Rovers Return Inn. They reunited in December 2014 after it had transpired that they previously worked together in Spain for a while.

In 2015, Erica settles herself in Weatherfield and begins to spend quality time with Liz. She supports Liz through her broken relationship with her former boyfriend Tony Stewart and later followed by Dan Jones, the latter of whom turns out to be an abusive client of Liz's good friend Leanne Battersby in the past. She also comforts Liz when her best-friend, Deirdre Barlow, dies and they join Deirdre's grieving husband Ken Barlow in mourning her death at the funeral - to which Ken blames his daughter Tracy Barlow for as a result of her recent situation with her ex-fiancé Rob Donovan and how he implicated Tracy's brother Peter Barlow for the murder of his lover Tina McIntyre, the babysitter of Peter and Leanne's wayward son Simon Barlow.

During the year, Erica begins dating Nick Tilsley despite the reservations of his mother Gail Platt. It was then Erica began to endure Nick's involvement in a crisis surrounding his half-brother David Platt and the family's ordeal with their enemy Callum Logan, which culminated with their acquaintance Kylie Platt murdering Callum before getting killed herself by Callum's associate Clayton Hibbs. It was then due to David's vendetta against both Clayton and his half-brother, Macca Hibbs, that Nick considered leaving his relationship with Erica. Furthermore, Nick briefly had an aborted wedding with Peter's former spouse Carla Connor and since then Erica thought he was leaving her. But then Erica got pregnant with Nick's baby and they reconciled. However, that all changed when Erica lost the baby as a result of her issue with family crisis and her relationship with Nick ended once more.

In 2016, Erica proceeded to bond with Liz's neighbour Eileen Grimshaw and was present when Eileen's villainous husband Pat Phelan and his business partner Vinny Ashford were granted approval from the local council to begin their flats scam project called "Calcutta Street". It is also at that year where Erica begins dating local shopkeeper Dev Allen. They have a romance to which Dev's kids Asha and Aadi are unhappy about, while their carer Mary Taylor supports Erica's relationship with Dev. When Erica's attempt to bond with Dev's children appear to go nowhere, Dev explains that his kids miss their late mother Sunita following her death caused by his rival Karl Munro. Nonetheless, Erica and Dev continue their relationship as she begins to help manage his shop for him.

In 2017, however, Erica's character is gradually unveiled to be a two-timing cheater. She grows bored of Dev and starts an affair with his mechanic neighbour Kevin Webster, whose relationship with Phelan's archenemy and rape victim Anna Windass is facing setbacks at the moment. Anna's son Gary Windass nearly discovers the affair until Kevin brushes him off. However, Dev eventually finds out and confronts Kevin - whilst Erica herself is confronted by Anna for the trouble she has caused. When Liz learns what Erica has done, she dismisses her and Erica ends up leaving Weatherfield after realizing there is nothing left for her.



  • Erica Holroyd appeared 156 times in her total duration on the show.