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I'm not just looking for another band, Not anymore. I need something dynamic and powerful. I need one that would be willing to destroy Jem.
~ Erica's Last words before getting the misfits back together.

Erica Raymond is the main antagonist of the 2015 film adaptation of Jem and the Holograms.

She is portrayed by Juliette Lewis.

She is the female counterpart of the second villain of the original Jem and the Holograms.


The Beginning

Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana watch videos of Jerrica's Jem Video. Erica was being interviewed by lots of Jem fans and Erica wanted to make Jem and her sisters the head leader of Starlight Enterprises. Erica went to pick up Jem and the girls. She introduced them to her son Rio. Erica wanted Jem and the girls to think more about Erica being the richest person ever. Jem escapes Starlight Mansion and helps 51N3RG.Y (Synergy) and The girls find the missing pieces until Rio steal them and escapes with them. Erica is starting to get a little less famous and worried. She decided that Jem and the girls should play at the Open Air club. The girls use to much power and it runs out. Jem's fans use their phones, clap their hands and sing with Jem and the girls. Because of that, Erica decided that Jem should go on stage solo making the girls angry and leave the band

Final Confrontations and Defeat

Erica left her car keys to one of Rio's friends. Rio needed to get back because the missing piece of 51N3RG.Y Is the earrings. Erica comes out of the building and askes Rio's friend where her car is and where did Rio go. Rio and Jerrica make it to Starlight Mansion and opens the safe which the code was Erica Raymond. Rio not only finds the earrings but also his father's will. Erica returns to Starlight and tries to not let Rio and Jerrica escape but she failed. Erica comes back before the final concert and reminds Jem that she's going solo because of her Contract. But Rio helps the girls play together and wants to lead Starlight Enterprises now according to Rio and Erica's henchman Zipper. Erica is forced to leave the concert. Jem's Aunt Bailey tells Erica to get a new life but Erica refuses and left the building.

The Misfits Return

After she left, Erica goes to a secret hideout and find the Misfits and try to get them back together. she told them what had happened but they refused because they got replaced by Jem and the Holograms. Erica told them that Jem likes Rio. Then Pizazz (Played by Kesha) decides to help her get rid of Jem and get Erica's Job back. the film ends with The Misfits and Erica going in the bunker with the words The Misfits were written on it with Graffiti.


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