General Erich Von Klinkerhoffen

General Erich Von Klinkerhoffen is one of the main Antagonists of the BBC television series 'Allo 'Allo!. He is clearly a mad Nazi General and commander of the district Novion resides in.

He was portrayed by the late Hilary Minster.


Very little is known about the General, save that he is a descendant of Kaiser, comes from a noble family, and his wife's sister is the main mistress to Herman Groening (something which gives him the connections to stand up to Herr Flick, whose godfather is Heinriech Himmler).

Personality wise, the General is direct, ruthless and cruel, he commonly orders his troops to shoot some French peasant, whenever something goes wrong, regardless if they are involved or not. He also commonly threatens his own men, with being sent to the Russian Front, or the firing squad. He also a racist man and a strong believer of Nazi Aryanism, and commonly insults others.

It is made clear on several occasions he's insane, for example it's was revealed by one of his colleges, that at the staff dances, when everyone wore their fancy suits, he would go dressed as Attila the Hun. Likewise on another occasion, he tries to blow Novion to kingdom come, due to someone stealing from him, this particuar incident caused him to be removed from his position and placed in asylum, until it was discovered his successor was even more insane.

He is also arrogant and elitist, and believes his noble ancestry makes him more important than any others. He also dislikes the Gestarpo, and continues to work against them, on one occasion he tries to have Herr Flick shot, only to be prevented due to his godfather being Heinrich Himmler. He also shows a great disregard for his troops, when found out that Colonel Von Stormm and Lieutenant Gruber had been captured by the resistance and where going to be shot by them, he just sat back in his chair and continued to read his book.

The General also has a strong attraction to women, on one notable occasion, he switched partners several times, on another upon discovering the Gestapo plan to sneak in dressed as French maids, he tells them it's not approved, but they could stay for a drink if they liked.

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