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Erin is a member of Flower Scouts and Sasha's pawn, also is one of the recurring antagonists of Rooster Tooth's animated series Camp Camp. She doesn't show it much on the grounds that her "friends" will ostracise her for it, but she's let slip that she has a pretty good working knowledge of human biology. She also apparently has a habit of going on about statistics.

She was voiced by Samantha Ireland who also voiced Tabii & Sasha in the series.


Like the rest of the Flower Scouts, but she is the most moral of her trio. She's touched when she finds out Neil has a crush on her because she respects her intelligence, but doesn't really feel all that guilty when she apologizes for only trying to use him to get with Snake, which disgusts Neil. However, the experience helps her become better friends with Tabii, who similarly tried using Snake to get to Neil. She also doesn't always agree with Sasha's methods, including Sasha's insulting Tabii for her eye.


She's developed a habit of pretending to be as dumb as her friends, so as to not be ostracised by them for being too smart. She does let slip that she's got at least a basic working knowledge of human biology though, and has been known to go on about statistics (prompting negative reactions from her friends when she does).

She starts wearing a hairclip to show both of her Mismatched Eyes in Season 4, indicating that she is overcoming her insecurities about her appearance.


  • Erin has heterochromia, as seen briefly in the episode "Scout's Dishonor" with her left eye being yellow.
    • This is later expanded upon in "The Lake Lilac Summer Social".
  • She is shown to be the smart one of the flower scouts trio, as show in "The Lake Lilac Summer Social",. Similiar how Neil is the genius of the Camp Campbell Trio.


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