Erin Given
Erin Given is the main villainess from "Benzodiazepine & the Benjamins," episode 2.16 of Rosewood.

She was played by Felisha Terrell, who also played Kali on MTV's Teen Wolf.

Erin Given is the right-hand woman for notorious crime kingpin Marcellus Vega, who was running an operation involving counterfeit currency. However, the man going under the name Marcellus Vega was revealed as a decoy after an encounter with Rosewood and Villa, and following the development, Erin was grilled by Hornstock and later Rosewood regarding the identity of the real Vega. It was after Pete Harmon committed suicide (with Hornstock's gun), however, that Erin was revealed as the true mastermind of the operation.

Erin had been running her operation under the Marcellus Vega name mainly due to the possibility that she wouldn't be taken seriously due to being a woman. She found out that another criminal, Victor Jones, was attempting to take her operation, so she arranged a meeting with Vic at an empty warehouse. To cover her tracks, the evil Erin donned a mask, a suit and tie, and shades while she shot and killed Vic. Regarding Pete (Erin's henchman) committing suicide, it was faked to trap Erin, which works when the cab she takes while attempting to move her goods via phone was revealed to be driven by Villa. After the reveal, Erin was taken to holding and later arrested.