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Erin Glass

Erin Glass is the secondary main antagonist of 2001 thriller film The Glass House. She is a doctor and the wife of Terry Glass.

She was portrayed by Diane Lane.


Erin really wanted to have children, but Terry did not, causing her to take medication and drugs. The Glasses become neighbors with The Bakers, who were a wealthy and happily married couple with two children. However, Terry's greed for wealth grew when the Baker parents were killed in a car accident. After that, Erin and her husband took legal custody of their children, later, Ruby, the female baker child, learns that Terry was after the money and the Glasses' involvement's murder of her parents by cold-blooded, She tried escaping with her brother but Terry and Erin drugged them to make sure that they would not escape. Soon, Erin become guilty of Ruby and her brother also losing her medical license before she killed herself watching video of young Ruby and overdosing on pills.