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Ernest Davidom also known as Mr. Davido or his surname Davido, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Emperor Maltazard) of Arthur and the Invisibles. He is a greedy landowner who wants to take back the Suchots' house. Secretly, Davido desires to make the family leave and find for himself the treasure Archibald Suchot told him about.

He was portrayed by Adam LeFevre.


Ernest Davido is first seen driving to Arthur's house and slipped to the ground because of Alfred's ball. Upset he threw the ball into the water tower. He warns Daisy that if the his husband doesn't pay him back and sign himself an authorization to keep the house he will seize and destroy it. Before leaving, he kicks Arthur's new toy car that falls into a sewer grate.  

Davido only appears again with two police officers at the end, August 2, one minute before noon. When noon rings, he is about to get the house, but Archibald shows up and invites Davido to come in the house for signing papers. Archibald occupies him as best he can while Arthur finds the treasure to pay the landowner. While he owes him the money after signing Arthur brings back the treasure and Archie pays Davido with one ruby. Davido starts to leave but grabs a police gun and takes the entire treasure in a jar. He goes on the threshold of the house but the Bogo Matassalai intercept him and the police arrest Davido.


  • His first name, "Ernest", is not mentioned in the first film.


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