You are like roaches... I underestimated your persistence! This is not the real satellite. Anyway, let me entertain you!
~ Ernesto Diaz to agents Keith and Robert

General Ernesto Diaz is the main antagonist in the 1997 arcade game Time Crisis II.


Diaz is a slim Panamanian man with grey hair, glasses and a scar on one side of his face. He wears a black turtleneck sweater with a grey suit.


Diaz is the leader of NeoDyne Industries and he secretly plots to launch a nuclear satellite into space using the Starline Network as a cover. However, the VSSE become suspicious of Diaz and two agents, named Keith Martin and Robert Baxter, are sent to investigate. Diaz's henchman, Jakov Kinisky, kidnaps another VSSE agent named Christy Ryan (who had tried to uncover the secrets behind the satellite launch) and brings her to Diaz at NeoDyne's headquarters.

After Kinisky and Buff Bryant both fail to kill Keith and Robert, Diaz is eventually forced to send his right-hand man, Wild Dog, to deal with them instead. Wild Dog is defeated and before Diaz can launch the satellite, he almost kills Christy and then takes command of a large decoy satellite model in order to finally finish off the agents. After an intense gunfight, the satellite is heavily damaged and breaks apart, sending Diaz falling to his death into the missile silo containing the actual satellite.



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