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I've been given the opportunity to wield a power even the Precursors could not control. Don't fret. You won't live to see what I turn this little world into. Maybe a rock, or a floating puddle of slag, or nothing at all. Complete oblivion! So hard to choose.
~ Cyber Erol explaining his plan to conquer the planet.

Erol, alternatively spelled Errol, is the secondary antagonist of the Jak & Daxter video games series, serving as a major antagonist in Jak 2 and Daxter and later one of the main antagonists of Jak 3 as Cyber Erol. He is designed to be what Jak would be like if he was evil.

He was voiced by David Herman, who also played Nudar in Futurama.


Erol is an arrogant, cruel, callous and outright treacherous megalomaniac who is in Jak's face constantly from the moment he arrives in the future. He hopes to win Keira's affections and eventually kill Jak. Erol is the champion racer in Haven but during the final race against Erol race in Jak 2, Erol crashes into a stash of Eco barrels and explodes while attempting to run Jak over out of hate for him.

In the third game, he is resurrected as a cyborg and commands the Metal Heads, KG Death Bots in a war against the Freedom League and eventually managaes to form an alliance with the all-powerful Dark Makers. In the climactic showdown, Jak and Daxter manage to defeat him before he can destroy the world with the powers given to him by the Dark Makers.


We've been waiting for you.
~ Erol
I'll be back later.
~ Erol
You can't beat me!
~ Erol


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