Errol Barnes was a nasty, evil, violent, serial-killing thug in the 1995 movie Clockers.

He was portrayed by Thomas Jefferson Byrd.



Barnes is a man with no respect for life at all. This guy is so bad-tempered, he hates humanity and even threatens Tyrone with a cigarette, by trying to stick it in his eyes. In one scene, Rodney talks about how Errol (because Errol used to be a functioning part of a crime family) used to be one of the hardest, stone hard killers in New York, until drugs made him disabled. He treats no one with respect, not even Rodney. He tries to have Strike killed, when Rodney orders it. However, it fails, when Tyrone gets word of it, and shoots him.

Another testament to his unhinged nature, is that he even forced his friend Rodney to shoot and kill a local drug dealer (despite the man being helplessly tied up).


  • According to Strike himself, Errol Barnes has no problem killing young children.
  • Many characters in the movie are wary of being in his company.
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