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Errol Van Volkheim was the undead partner of the Revenant serial killer Benton Tarantella in the episode "Everyone Wants to Direct".

He was voiced by Paul Schoeffler.


Like Tarantella, Von Volkheim was a fraud who used his deceitful moniker to trick his victims and eat them.

Seemingly, while locked away, he had a revelation and was released from his life-sentence due to good behavior. In his undead resurrection, however, he still carries a certain taste for bloodshed. He speaks with a thick German (possibly Austrian) accent.


Van Volkheim and his partner, Benton Tarantella, were both arrested for murdering twelve unknowing innocents believing them to be directors. Overtime, he grew better and was released from jail for good behavior. His partner stayed in prison to die, but the two were—at some point—able to plan out their supernatural return. Eventually, Errol died and was buried in a cemetery that the Bagge Farmhouse was built on top of. Later, Tarantella tricked Eustace into digging up his accomplice. He was resurrected by Benton by fixing the moonlight to shine on his grave. Benton's plan was to bring Errol back to life to continue their killing spree that was started while they were still alive, but Courage ends up saving the day. Although Benton shows up again in "Angry Nasty People", this is the only episode that Errol was featured in.



  • Given that his partner's name, "Benton Tarantella", is seen as a parody of Quentin Tarantino, it's likely that "Errol Von Volkheim" is a parody of the real-life Austrian filmmaker Erich Von Stroheim, especially since the two syllables in both names have the same pronunciation.


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