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Ert and Bernie Secret Beef-1-
Ert Landers and Bernie Caldwell are two minor antagonists who appeared in the Henry Danger episode Secret Beef


Not much is known about these two, but Ray mentioned that they robbed a jewelry store, two weeks before the events of the episode. The two made a brief appearance in a restaurant called Montego's as customers. The two of them were dining in Montego's, but Ray recognized the two of them right away. He explained to Henry the crime, they committed two weeks ago, and Ray and Henry transformed and fought Ert & Bernie. The fight between the two duos was pretty short, and Ert & Bernie ended up getting arrested. Henry and Captain Man sit down to eat their steak. However, their names weren't on the list; Henry and Ray's were. They go to the Man Cave and Captain Man spots a piece of steak on Kid Danger's costume. They split the small piece and then go to Back Out Steak House.

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