Erwin is the primary antagonist in Pac-Man World 3. He is a short, gray, megalomaniacal humanoid with a desire for destruction.


Pac-Man World 3

In the game, he used a Spectral Syphon of his own design to suck in energy to destroy Pac-Land which is hundreds of miles away. After Pac-Man destroyed one of his death machines, Erwin was defeated by getting sucked into his own Spectral Syphon. Pac-Man told him, "Always keep your feet on the ground, Erwin". The last thing he said to Pac-Man was, "I always... hated... yellow", and the last thing he ever said was, "MOTHERRRR!!!".

While it seems likely that he might have perished in the explosion, Erwin's true fate has never been expressly stated in any form (Although his appearance in Pac-Man Rally may state that he survived the blast), not to mention the fact that villains from previous games are always never shown to have ever died following their final defeat, generally getting themselves imprisoned, seriously roughed up, or banished.

Pac-Man World Rally

Erwin has later been revealed to be a playable character in Pac-Man World Rally. However, the canonicity of this game is currently debatable.


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