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Hercules attacking the boar with a club.

The Erymanthian Boar was a monstrous boar from the Twelve Labors of Hercules. It was the fourth labor of Hercules. His goal is to capture the boar.


Eurystheus ordered Hercules that he had to capture the Erymanthian boar alive. Unlike real boars, it has bad temper and is big. The boar lived in Mount Erymanthus. For every day, the boar crashed down from its lair on the mountain, attacking men and animals on the countryside with its tusk. Hercules was able to find the boar after killing the angry centaurs by hearing its snort. This means the boar is smelling a man that it is about to eat. Hercules used his spear into the thicket, driving the exhausted boar in a patch of snow. After that, he captured the boar in the net. Hercules carries the carcass to Mycenae.

Other media

1963 TV series

The boar is shown as a minor character in the series. It is depicted as a brown boar in the show "The Mighty Hercules". In the series, it is chained on its hoof to avoid going on a rampage. Daedalus tries to free it by removing his chains, but Hercules prevented him from doing so. After that, it is imprisoned forever. He appears in The Silver Chains.

1995 Jetlag Productions adoption

The boar appears in the 1995 film by Jetlag Productions released by GoodTimes Entertainment in 1995 and later Gaiam Entertainment in 2005. It is shown in the song sung by Hercules which talks about why he won't ever give up. It is colored white in the third part. Its neck is strapped by Hercules, colliding it into a pile of snow.

1997 Disney adoption

The boar is briefly shown in the song "Zero to Hero" in the Disney adoption to Hercules. It is colored black. It tries to crush Hercules with its tusk, but was hit by an arrow. It is shown that the boar is about to be eaten alive on a painting