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This is my last fight. A true test of legends! Our story will outlive us both. Set a fire in your heart, Spartan! Bare your fangs! Fight hard! Die well
~ Escharum taunting Master Chief.
When you look back on these last days, You will realize that all you've built... was a tomb. A Place where hope dies.
~ Escharum

Escharum is the secondary antagonist of Halo Infinite. He is a legendary veteran Jiralhanae male who serves as a War Chief within the Banished, following Atriox's apparent death, Escharum becomes the de-facto leader of the Banished.

He is the leading member of the Hand of Atriox, a group of deadly Spartan killers, current second in command of the Banished and was Atriox's old mentor and also he leads lead the Banished to victory against the UNSC Infinity in Installation 07.

He is voiced by Darin de Paul, who previously voiced Let 'Volir in Halo Wars 2 as well as Ardyn Izunia in Final Fantasy XV.



During the Human-Covenant War Escharum served as Atriox's daskalo, or mentor. Escharum described Atriox as his finest "recruit". While they were both in the Covenant, Escharum advised Atriox to rebel when he sought counsel.

Halo: Shadows of Reach

In 2558, Escharum was appointed by Atriox to lead the Banished in his stead while he and Decimus left for the Ark. He would later be named second-in-command of the Banished following Decimus's demise against the Spirit of Fire crew.

Halo: Infinite

After Atriox went missing-in-action during a battle against the Created, Escharum became acting leader of the Banished. However, while Atriox opposed prejudice towards other species and welcomed humans into the Banished, Escharum would rally the Banished behind destroying humanity and led them into war against the UNSC, who had sufered a series of crippling defeats from the Created. He led his forces against the UNSC for control of Installation 07 and won, seizing control of the Zeta Halo in December of 2559. However, as a section of the Halo had been blown up by Cortana in a suicide-bomb, they were unable to use it. Soon after, Escharum encountered a mysterious entity known as the Harbinger, who offered the Banished her assistance in repairing it in exchange for helping her to unseal the Endless.


Escharum is shown to be a cold and power hungry individual. Like other Brutes, Escharum possesses a lust for battle and welcomes the opportunity to battle the legendary SPARTAN, John-117.


  • By propagating a cult of personality centered around Atriox as a means to maintain order in The Banished, Escharum ironically mirrors the Prophet of Truth whom he rebelled against, who upheld the lie of the Covenant religion in order to ensure the Prophets stayed in power.
  • The name "Escharum" may derive from the Latin word Eschara meaning "scar, scab". This would be fitting as early concept art shows Escharum with prominent facial disfigurement, and his present model shows scars across his blinded eye and on the right side of his lip.
  • In Halo Infinite Mission 9, Pelican Down, it's revealed that Escharum is suffering from an unidentified terminal illness, one that Jega 'Rdomnai can smell is getting worse.


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