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What a piercing look...I like that! But when I meet someone with such a look...he dies prematurely!
~ Esidisi

Esidisi is an antagonist from the second arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is one of the Pillar Men, serving Kars in his quest to become the ultimate life form.


Japanese English
Keiji Fujiwara Chris Jai Alex


Esidisi, like the other Pillar Men, lived for more than 10,000 years. They were searching for the Red Stone of Aja, to overcome their weakness to the sun, discovering that it was kept by the Roman Emperor of the time. They were challenged by the Hamon Clan, but Esidisi and the others wiped them out completely. The few remaining members of the clan secured the Red Stone, as the Pillar Men went to hibernation.

Centuries later, they finally awoke, and started looking for the stone again. Joseph Joestar, who had been beaten by Wamuu, disciple of Esidisi, had been training in an island in Venice to defeat the Pillar Men. Esidisi manages to locate the island and discovers that the stone is being held there. After killing one of the Hamon masters without much effort, he is confronted by Joseph. Joseph manages to outsmart Esidisi by using a rope trick and seemingly defeats him, but Esidisi, with only his brain remaining, hides in Joseph's back to get access to the main building of the island and get the stone. He possesses the waitress of Lisa Lisa, the master of Joseph, and after delivering the Stone through mail, tries to explode in an attempt to kill everyone, but Joseph, along with his friend Caesar, uses Hamon on the waitress, expelling Esidisi, who disintegrate in the sunlight.

Powers and Abilities

Esidisi, besides having all the powers of a Pillar Men (immortality, ability to bend his body in any form or position, absorbing humans through his skin), mastered a technique called Heat Mode. He can elevate the temperature of his blood up to 500° Celsius, being able to send his blood vessels out of his body through his fingers, then either infusing the enemy with his blood or shooting it. He can also possess a person and make it explode, burning everything in the path of the explosion.


Unlike his companion Kars, who remains very calm and collected, Esidisi diaplays intense emotions, so intense that when his rage gets the better of him he wails to calm himself down.



  • When Wamuu was only a baby, Esidisi was an adult like Kars, so this makes Esidisi superior to Wamuu in status.
  • His name is a tribute to the Australian hard rock and heavy metal band AC/DC.


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