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Espen Huxley is an antagonist in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Huxley is a member of the Black Hand, a terrorist organization within New Helghan.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Espen appears in two audiologs, where he sends a message to an unknown person, possibly his wife (because he says that he joined the Black Hand for the person and the children), revealing his hatred for the Vektans and his desire to conquer and burn the planet. In the second and last audiolog, he reveals that the situation in Containment City is becoming dangerous, that new members were welcomed without question and that Vladko Tyran, the leader of the terrorist group, isn't even showing himself to the meetings and advices to the person he sent a message to join the Black Hand rapidly, because he don't know how much longer his words will carry any weight.


Espen is, as any member of the Black Hand, a Helghast supremacist who hates the Vektan people. He wants to instigate a war between Vektans and Helghasts in order to bring a new age of prosperity for his countrymen. He is very determined and seem to admire his leader, Vladko Tyran.


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