The Espheni followed our prophecy. We expanded our empire from planet to planet. But Earth, was not a planet we encountered before. The only habitable planet in this galaxy, Immeasurable strategic value… 1,500 years ago, your planet was inhabited by primitives. I send my fearless warrior to lead the invasion… My precious daughter. But you are far more stronger than us ever i imagined… You slaughtered her, and I swore revenge for thousand times stronger for to avenge her death… for eternity. YOUR SPECIES CONSUMED MY DAUGHTER'S BLOOD, AND I CONSUME YOURS!!!
~ The Espheni Queen to Tom Mason about her plans to exterminate humanity.

The Espheni Queen is the main antagonist of the TNT sci-fi/post-apocalyptic TV series, Falling Skies.

She was the ruler of the Espheni, an alien species that invaded Earth. She is worshipped by the Espheni like a god, and has an organic connection to her entire race.

She was portrayed by Tricia Helfer, who also portrayed Goddess in Lucifer, Carla Baxter in Burn Notice, Boodikka in Green Lantern: First Flight and Sarah Kerrigan in Starcraft.



1,500 years ago, the Queen sent an invasion on our planet and she ordered her daughter to lead it. The humans killed her daughter and her forces are destroyed. The Queen swore revenge on humanity for killing her daughter and promising to return with a thousand times the strength of the last invasion to destroy our race.

Season 1

Years later, the Queen made another invasion on Earth and used Skitters to wipe out most of humanity. However, the last remaining survivors banded together and formed the Resistance, which was eventually assisted by the species' long-time enemies, the Volm. After humanity and the Volm destroyed the Espheni Power Station on the Moon, she arrives on Earth to convert from a strategy of conquest to one of occupation, as they had done with previous worlds they had conquered.

Season 5

When Ben entered the Shadow Plane, he saw Overlords kneeling before her and he hinted the Queen is worshiped as a god.

The Dornia, the Espheni's ancient nemesis, tell Tom Mason about the true meaning of the Queen's coming to Earth and what it means for the surviving humans. The Dornia gives a bio-weapon to him to kill the Queen and the entire Espheni race. Later, an an Espheni clone of Alexis Glass-Mason sent to kill Tom tells them that her arrival means that the Espheni's objective for Earth has changed from invasion to occupation.

The Resistance assault on Washington D.C. to battle with the Espheni, and Tom Mason makes his way to Lincoln Memorial, in order to kill the Queen. She comes face to face with Tom and begins to drain his blood. Tom uses the Dornia bio-weapon and kills the Queen and rest of her entire species, and Earth is freed.


The Espheni Queen is cruel, ruthless, tyrannical and a merciless among her species. She has also complete control over rest of her species, and worshiped like a god by them.

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