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Esteban Vihaio

Esteban Vihaio

Esteban Vihaio is a supporting antagonist from Kill Bill Vol. 2.


He was a pimp who was friends with Bill and Budd's mother. The two brothers looked up to him as a father figure.

He also formed a group called the Acuna boys, which consisted of his prostitutes' children.

During a talk with the Bride, Vihaio said if he were to help Bill during the assassination attempt, he would rather mutilate her face than kill her, a way he disciplines his prostitutes.



He was portrayed by Michael Parks, who also portrayed the heroic Texas Ranger Earl McGraw in Kill Bill Vol. 1, From Dusk Till Dawn film, and Grindhouse.


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Esteban Vihaio
Esteban Vihaio

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