This isn't a Lottery. Make your choice, Nitta Shinemon!
~ Esuka Hibino

Esuka Hibino is a major character in the Cardfight Vanguard!! Shinemon spin-off. She's a former swimsuit model who later became a businesswoman and professional cardfighter and the owner of the Esuka Corporation which owns a large amount of card shops across Japan.

Esuka is initially believed to be a greedy corporate woman attempting to takeover Card Capital and turn it into a hollow part of her chain of card shops after the Capital's owners died in a car crash, prompting the owner's nephew Shinemon Nitta to begin a campaign to push Esuka away and defend Capital.

It was later revealed however that Esuka was a long time friend of Capital's owner and she wants to save the store from shutting down just like Shinemon. Once the misunderstanding was cleared, Esuka and Shinemon agreed to work together to keep Card Capital alive and Esuka became a mentor figure for Shinemon.


Esuka is initially depicted as a cold calculating businesswoman who was only interested in taking over Card Capital to expand her corporation. Esuka has a severe phobia of cats, to the point that even hearing a cat meow on the phone causes her to panic, however she can put her fear of cats aside and allow others to have cats. Esuka has a strong dislike towards teenagers, she considers them to be immature, irresponsible, and unprepared to face the real world of adults.

However, it was revealed that Esuka's harsh attitude comes from her troubled past when she became a swimsuit model despite not wanting to and later forced to be a Cardfight Vanguard idol. Esuka quickly became fascinated with the game and legitimately enjoyed it, only to learn that her opponents were being bribed to lose on purpose to push the image that she's supposedly an expert player. After learning that, Esuka immediately quit modeling and became a powerful cardfighter on her own terms and in the process became close friends with the owners of Card Capital and a caretaker for their daughter Misaki.

Once Shin and Esuka came to realize that both want to save Card Capital in order to keep the legacy of Misaki's parents, they put their differences aside and work together. Ever since Esuka took Shin under her tutelage and trained him to be a responsible manager for Card Capital while she became the owner of the shop. Esuka is a rather harsh and strict mentor often calling out Shin on his blunders, nevertheless she still genuinely cares for Shin and always looks after him. 14 years later Shin and Esuka's relationship became more professional as the two are now adults running Card Capital together, although Esuka is still annoyed at Shin's antics.

Esuka's deck of choice Great Nature reflects her past where she was always forced to take career choices outside of her control, just like how Great Nature's Lottery effects give out random effects based on luck. However her boss monster Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows, Isabelle removes the random factor out of Lottery effects and makes it so all the effects always resolve without relying on luck, reflecting how Esuka took control of her life and no longer allows luck to dictate her life choices.

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