You measly little DigiDestined humans, thank you very much.
~ Etemon doing his Elvis impersonation.

Etemon is the second main antagonist in Digimon Adventure 01, and also a minor villain in Digimon Fusion. He is an evil Digimon who is like an Elvis wannabe in an orange Super Monkey Suit, complete with sunglasses. Unlike the first major villain, Devimon, Etemon is an Ultimate Digimon, and also comical and more of a crime lord than a dark lord, which would be the next Ultimate Digimon, Myotismon.


Etemon is an Ultimate Digimon, an Elvis-type man in an orange monkey suit. He also has a stuffed Monzaemon attached to him. He sometimes carries a microphone or an electric guitar. He always wears shades and never removes them.

As MetalEtemon, he resembles a metallic version of himself, only he wore a gold necklace, has a golden toothy smile, and has red Chinese symbols on his chest. He has a stuffed WaruMonzaemon attached to him.

Digimon Adventure PSP

Etemon appeared as a recurring boss in Digimon Adventure.


Etemon has the character of Elvis Presley impersonator. He is often frustrated when people fail to acknowledge his overinflated ego. Etemon considers himself to be a great singer, and often forces his minions to praise his terrible music. However, he also beats them up when they dance to it.

Unlike most of the villains in the first season, Etemon is not exactly the most intelligent and tech-savvy, as he relies on his Gazimon henchmen to work around his network system and computers. And its possible that Etemon captured Datamon so he can force him to access his webmaster, administering his network. To do this, he challenged the robot Digimon, and beat him, severely damaging Datamon. However, the ignorance of using the conniving robotic Digimon brought some misery as after Datamon repaired himself and gained control over Etemon's network, just enough to torture Etemon.

When he returned as MetalEtemon, he was still a great singer.

Etemon's henchmen

Etemon Arc

The DigiDestined encounter him on the continent of Server. Etemon is the master of the Dark Network, and many of his servants like Tyrannomon are connected to the dark cables. Etemon also has many Gazimon and Monochromon working for him. At one point, he makes a clone of Greymon and sends him after the DigiDestined, but the clone and most of Etemon's machinery are destroyed when the real Greymon digivolves into the evil SkullGreymon.

Etemon's base of operation is an inverted pyramid with an underground, right side up pyramid beneath it. In the upside down pyramid, Etemon and his Gazimon henchmen have surveillance room, observing all the action outside the pyramid. There are passages that lead to an electric fence that which is partcially a fake wall leading to the second pyramid. Underneath that is the center of Etemon's Dark Power Network, which anything suck in there is lost forever.

Dark Network-fused Etemon

Etemon becomes fused with his Dark Network.

He is enemies with another antagonist, Datamon. After the DigiDestined unwittingly release Datamon, he betrays them and tries to fight Etemon, but was defeated again and kidnaps Sora and Biyomon to make a clone of Sora. Tai was able to enter the pyramid and rescue Sora and Biyomon, but Datamon tries to stop Tai, but they immediately escape. Upset by the loss, Datamon deletes the clone, only for Etemon to arrive shortly to dismantle him. Datamon then detects the Dark Networks has absorbed as the floor vanishes. Etemon tries to escape, but Datamon grabs his leg to come with him. Datamon drops computer viruses into a pit leading to the core of the Dark Network, which goes haywire and growing out of control, increasing the negative energy it preserves by absorbing all of it in the Digital World, including from those who possess it. All of Etemon's servants are sucked into the pit and destroyed, and soon both Datamon and Etemon fall into the nexus of the Dark Network. Datamon disintegrates, but Etemon, who wields negative energy himself, fuses with the core of the Dark Network, and becomes more powerful. After the pyramids collapse, Etemon turns towards the DigiDestined and attacks them with dangerously-modified Dark Network orbs, which create wormholes in anything they touch. However, Greymon is able to Digivolve using the Tag and Crest, this time into MetalGreymon. Etemon tries to destroy MetalGreymon with a Dark Network attack, but smashes the orb with his Metal Claw. Summoning all of the power of the Crest, MetalGreymon defeats Etemon by blasting the Dark Network with his Giga Blaster, ripping open a wormhole and sucking Etemon in.

However, Etemon was not destroyed; the black hole spit him out and scattered his digital information across the universe. He later came back together and returned to the Digital World only after Digivolving to his Mega form, MetalEtemon. MetalEtemon then started to seek revenge on the Digidestined, but he only found Joe and Mimi. He and Puppetmon got into a fight while Joe, Gomamon, Mimi, Palmon, and Ogremon had time to escape. After he got tired to fighting Puppetmon, he continues to pursue the two remaining Digidestined while SaberLeomon gave them a ride. Leomon confronts MetalEtemon and Digivolved to SaberLeomon to fight him. Gomamon Digivolved to Zudomon to join the fight. Ogremon wants to fight MetalEtemon, but Mimi tries to stop him since he was in no shape to fight. MetalEtemon attacks Mimi, but SaberLeomon takes the blast, fatally wounding him. Zudomon was able to hit MetalEtemon's chest with his Vulcan Hammer attack since it was made of Chrome Digizoid, and SaberLeomon summoned the last of his strength to impale MetalEtemon with his claw, destroying him for good.

Digimon Fusion

A huge army of Etemon serve Musyamon, and Blastmon. They turned out to be ninjas. BaliBastemon defeated the soldiers of Etemon, then Shoutmon used the Star Sword and destroyed Etemon.


Appearing suddenly, he mysteriously calls himself the King of Digimon. Rumor has it that he gets on well with Monzaemon, as they manipulate stuff together in the shadows. He wears a "Super Monkey Suit", that can endure any attacks.


As Etemon

  • Dark Network (Dark Spirits in Japanese version): Creates an orb of negative energy and hurls it at his enemies or sends out his Dark Network cords to control electronics, trap enemies, destroy buildings, or pinpoint an enemies' location.
  • Concert Crush (Love Serenade in Japanese version): Plays his guitar and sings to either make other Digimon weak or De-Digivolve them in hearing range.
  • Monkey Claw: Scratches enemies with his claws.
  • Dark Solo: Fires a blast of negative energy from his fist.

As MetalEtemon

  • Banana Slip: Trips his opponents with a banana peel.
  • Metal Punch (Number One Punch in Japanese version): Unleashes a punch with all of his confidence.
  • Dark Spirits Deluxe: Calls down dark lightning made from negative energy.
  • Fart Attack: Emits flatulent gas (this was never seen in the English Version).


Is there no end to your stupidity? Well, maybe I can put an end to it for you.
~ Etemon
I'm going to have to punish you by playing a little piece...
~ Etemon
Quit standing there clapping like a trained seal.
~ Etemon, to Gazimon.
Don't forget to tip your waitress.
~ Etemon
Way to go. Not only did the DigiDestined kids escape, but they found another crest. This is unforgivable!
~ Etemon
Those rotten kids beat me again! I have to find something easier to beat. Like cardboard boxes, or something!
~ Etemon
I've got a new Number One. It's called 'Bye Bye, Digimon, Bye Bye!'
~ Etemon
You say you want a digivolution? Well the answer's 'No'!
~ Etemon
This is the end of the line for you and your goat, baby!
~ Etemon, to Joe and Ikkakumon
Where's my fried banana sandwich? You know I like to eat after my nap.
~ Etemon

Come on, you floppy-eared freaks! Let's roll!
~ Etemon, to the Gazimon.
Is that the best you've got? I've seen sharper needles in granny's knittin' bag!
~ Etemon, to Togemon.
Now, before I cancel you like a bad sitcom, direct me to Datamon.
~ Etemon
Now, I'm not going to tell you again. Let go of me or I'll open you up like a can of beans!
~ Etemon, to Datamon
No! Back off, baby!
~ Etemon, to MetalGreymon.
You must not defeat me! I'm just too important to die....
~ Etemon's last words before being sucked into a wormhole.
It's my time to shine, because I am so fine!
~ MetalEtemon
Get dig with it! MetalEtemon's in the house!
~ MetalEtemon
After that, I was sucked up by a black hole. I think I gave it indigestion.
~ MetalEtemon
I'm metal and you're wood. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!
~ MetalEtemon
Watch your step; Banana Slip! (Puppetmon slips on a banana peel) Too much of a waxy build-up, uh-huh-huh!
~ MetalEtemon
I can find those kids myself; After all, I am the ultimate metal detector!
~ MetalEtemon
You can't hide from me; I'm the king of swing!
~ MetalEtemon
Supreme! I'm fired up and ready to go on a mean streak!
~ MetalEtemon
You'll pay big time!
~ MetalEtemon's final words as he disintegrates.



  • Etemon is voiced by Richard Epcar in the English version of the anime, who also did the voice of the more sinister and purely evil Myotismon.
  • Etemon is once again voiced by Richard Epcar for Digimon Fusion.
  • Etemon is voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto in the Japanese version of the anime.
  • And just like Myotismon, they both windup getting defeated by the main heroes but end returning in a different and more powerful appearance. The only difference is that Myotismon gets revived twice and Etemon gets revived only once.
  • It is interesting to note that two of the main villains, Puppetmon and MetalEtemon, both died in the same episode.
  • Whereas Devimon appeared to be an ally of the Dark Masters, due to Piedmon presumably giving him the crests he stole, Etemon is not, as Puppetmon does not recognize him and even fights him.
  • When Etemon became fused with the Dark Network, he resembles a little like Apocalymon.
  • Etemon is said to be singing rivals with Volcamon.
  • Etemon's Champion forms can be either Ogremon or Sukamon.
  • Etemon's personality is later copied by SuperStarmon in Digimon Frontier. The exceptions are that SuperStarmon is not arrogant like Etemon, and purely has the character of Elvis Presley, while Etemon has the character of an Elvis Presley impersonator.
  • Etemon can Digivolve into either MetalEtemon or KingEtemon.
  • In Digimon Fusion, Etemon does not Digivolve into MetalEtemon.
  • During his battle against the DigiDestined outside the pyramid, he grabs Garurumon by the tail and swings him around before throwing him into Ikkakumon. Only the throw is seen in the English dub, as the rest was edited out likely due to referencing animal cruelty.


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