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Ethan Seed is the central antagonist of Far Cry New Dawn. He is the estranged son of Joseph Seed and the de facto leader of New Eden.

He was voiced by Kyle Gatehouse.


Ethan was born to Megan, Joseph's ex-lover, but she told him that Joseph was his blood father, and Ethan believed that. Ethan was raised outside of Hope County and when the Collapse happened, Megan became ill on their way to the county, before her death, she told Ethan to keep looking for Joseph and help him to build the New Eden. However, Ethan bears a hate towards Joseph for leaving him and the rest of his followers behind.

Some time later, Ethan was with Joseph at the tree near his sanctuary, Ethan begs his father to let him eat some of the fruit, to be strong like him, but Joseph argued with him that unless it was god's will, he couldn't eat the fruit, not even as an adult. Ethan then claims that he will take the fruit when Joseph dies.

At some point, Joseph went into self-imposed exile after he saw a prophecy about a new leader for New Eden, Ethan then became the leader of Eden, however he became dissatisfied of his leadership as they keep in conflict with Highwaymen, whom the Eden refer to as "Locusts". Ethan sought to discredit his father by proving him he was just a man, not a prophet since he believed he was dead.


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