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Ethel Anderson is one of the main characters of the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry. She is the newest member of Brickleberry National Park. She is a sexy blonde girl, who loves animals and wants to keep the park safe. However, she is also a slut, who regularly gets drunk and acts like a destructive idiot. Even while sober, she's had her fair share of villainous moments.

She was voiced by Kaitlin Olson in Season 1 and was replaced by Natasha Leggero from Season 2, onwards.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Welcome to Brickleberry", it was learned that Ethel lost her old job because she got wasted and exposed herself to a bunch of tourists, which included young children. She got drunk again later in the episode and flew a helicopter through the park to destroy a bunch of trees but she can't be held responsible for this because she didn't mean to get drunk. Steve just spiked her drink.
  • In "Steve's Bald", Ethel develops sexual pleasure for killing animals and runs rampant around the park, shooting, stabbing, and stomping on every innocent animal she sees just so she can feed her fetish.
  • In "Woody's Girl", Ethel gets put in charge of Brickleberry National Park and gets so fed up with all the crap she has to deal with that she starts raging out, disrespecting her employees, and pretty much acting like the same kind of dick Woody Johnson used to be.
  • In "My Way or the Highway", Ethel regrets running for governor and unable to drop out, she tries her damndest to act like the worst governer ever so that people won't vote for her. Bad things she did were saying that she believes the Holocaust never happened but she wished it did, allowing armed terrorists with the intent to kill into the state, shoving a statue of liberty toy up her vagina, and dressing up in blackface and singing a minstrel song.
  • In "Little Boy Malloy", Ethel drowned her sister and her husband.
  • In "Scared Straight", Ethel took part in busting Malloy, Denzel, and The Cool Friends Gang out of prison.
  • In "Miss National Park", Ethel violently murdered a bunch of other contestants in cold blood in the Miss National Park pageant.
  • In "Old Wounds", Ethel and Connie did a bunch of marijuana and then tried to evade taking the mandatory drug screening test by escaping the park.
  • In "Campin' Ain't Easy", Ethel got way too into the camping games and started attacking other kids and park rangers just so that her team would win. In the end, she failed and she was really pissed off about that.
  • In "Global Warning", Ethel forced Connie to give up all of her electronics and go to the Amish farm with her and spent a good deal of the episode preaching the Amish lifestyle. However, Connie later found out that in secret, Ethel used technology herself, even when she was on the Amish farm, making her a dirty hypocrite.
  • Alternate Ethel vector

    In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Ethel got into a fight with Gina Jabowski, an enforcer of the law and even tried to impede her investigation and find Malloy before she could.


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