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Ethel Hubbard is an antagonist in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. She is the neighboring farmer who lived near Pinehurst Youth Development Center.

She was portrayed by Carol Locatell.


Ehtel has a son named Junior, who lives with her. She was sometimes irritated by his comments and he sometimes repeats what she says. Ethel was known for being very loud, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, argumentative, short-tempered, and vituperative. Ethel was too displeased about Pinehurst Youth Development Center cause of some of the people there and she has caught two of them, Tina and Eddie having sex on her property and has called the police on them. Sheriff Cal Tucker and Deputy Dodd take Eddie and Tina back to Pinehurst. Ethel, along with Junior ride their motorcycle to Pinehurst and see Tucker and Matthew Letter talking and she tells the Sheriff she is tired of Pinehurst and threatens to shoot anyone trespassing on her property again and leaves when she flips him and the Pinehurst kids off.

After the murder of Joey at Pinehurst, Ethel is chopping up a chicken and makes a crack about Joey getting killed which makes her happy. Junior was having some stew she made and he was mocking her chopping. They get a visit from a stranger named Raymond, who offers to work for a meal. Ethel has him clean out the manure in the chicken coupe and dump it behind the shed and they will give him something to eat.

Later on in the week, Junior was riding his motorcycle all around the backyard, crying cause he got beat up by Tommy Jarvis after Junior started a fight with him and Ethel tells Junior to get off the bike and come to eat her stew. Junior gets decapitated as he thinks he was coming into the house. As she was preparing the stew, Ethel carries a tomato in her hand and asks her son that "You talk. You dumb?". She screams in horror when a cleaver breaks through the window of the kitchen and hits her in the head stabbing her with it and kills her causing her to squeeze her tomato and then her face lands in the stew pot while her tomato squish squeezes out of her hand as she dies.

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