Ethereal filcher
Ethereal Filchers are a race of thieving monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, classed as aberrations due to their alien appearance and mindset.

The Ethereal Filcher's appearance is of a creature with a central body, a face with four eyes and a big mouth in the front of it, a bauble-like limb coming from the top of the central body sporting another face with two eyes and a round mouth, a single leg ending in 4 toes, and four arms with scraggy hands. Its color is white, with a dark green back and hands. Like many aberrations, it supposedly lives underground. Sometimes it can be found in other environments.

The Ethereal Filcher is a kleptomaniacal creature. It has an unrelenting urge to snatch trinkets from passersby with its long arms. It has the ability to teleport quickly between the Ethereal Plane and Material Plane, giving it an excellent means of escape. It makes a lair in the Ethereal Plane, then searches (by using its ethereal jaunt ability, it can travel unseen through solid objects) for a place where it suspects there will be a victim. It then goes to the Material Plane, right in front of the unsuspecting traveler, and then snatches an item, sometimes using trickery or biting the victim first as a distraction. It then goes back to its lair in the Ethereal Plane to admire its prize. Ethereal Filchers do not like fighting, preferring instead to merely run and hide.

Ethereal filchers do not speak and are neutral in alignment.