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Eugene's Clan is a trolling clan in Halo led by Eugene Black. The clan does not have a name, as Eugene felt that it would draw attention to the group. The clan serves as the antagonistic faction of Season 7 of Arby 'n' The Chief.

The clan appears to have a tremendous influence, as they were able to get Colin Hunt out of legal trouble and obtain the Internet history of a particular Halo player from his Internet service provider.


The clan was founded at some point by Eugene Black, with his friend Tyler King joining soon after. They would later recruit Colin Hunt after helping him with some legal trouble.

The clan went around trolling and causing havoc to various users. They would eventually go on to welcome Master Chief and Arbiter into their group.

Colin was later able to give the members the power to perma-ban people by fragging them with his fragban 2.0 hack that got around Bungie's software patch. The five members used this software to go on a massive fragbanning spree soon after, bricking hundreds of Halo player's consoles.

However, Chief and Arbiter had a change of heart after learning that Colin was a pedophile and seeing Eugene reduce a young boy to tears. The two then attempted to use the fragban 2.0 hack to stop Eugene and his followers from banning any more players, succeeding in taking out Tyler and Colin. Eugene then invited the two to a private server where he had them witness him committing suicide.

The group presumably dissolved sometime after.

Known Members


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