Abraham Ophion

All these men have come to kill me! Why?! Because they know! They know that I am greater than man! I am greater than God! And they're afraid of what I can do!
~ Eugene Hoff's last lying words as he is being shot by Melanie Cramer.

Abraham Ophion, or better known by his real name Eugene Hoff, is a career con artist who is the founding leader of the so-called "Church of Wisdom and Sight".

He was portrayed by Jeff Kober, who also played Patrick Channing in The First Power.


Eugene is known to the police as a con-artist. He was arrested four times in the 1980s for check forgery and counterfeiting, identity theft and various fraud.

Reverend Tucker welcomed Eugene into the Christian Tabernacle of Grace, but soon realized that this was a mistake. Eugene initially signed up for a Bible study, but after a couple of months he asked the Reverend for a more active role. Tucker made him the director of faith ministries. Eugene's discussion groups had nearly 100 members. He strayed from the believes of the church, when he preached that the Serpent was Christ (this became incorporated into a reddish-brown snake on his right arm). After Tucker fired him, ten families left the church.

Eugene was the prime suspect in the rape of Melanie Cramer, and the murders of her father John and numerous children in his apartment which became his fanatic cult's compound. He subsequently kidnapped Melanie from the hospital and hid her in a warehouse, where both were found. Eugene was shot to death by Melanie after his last words were "They know I'm greater than man! I'm greater than God! And they're afraid of what I can do!".


  • Eugene Hoff may have incorporated some of Cathar or Gnostic beliefs into the Church of Wisdom and Sight's religion including the words "I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin."
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