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Eugene Sims is the major character of Infamous: Second Son and the cameo character of Infamous: First Light. He is a conduit with the power of the videos and one of the allies of Delsin Rowe (the others include Abigail Walker and Reggie Rowe) who fought to stop the Department of United Protection.

He was voiced by Alex Walsh.


Prior to the main events of the game, Eugene Sims was a geek who was teased at the school. Aside from the society, he played his favorite game, Heaven's Hellfire. When one of the bullies pushed him far, this caused Eugene to unintentionally unleash the demon attacking anyone around. The Department of United Protection took Eugene to a special school. Six years later, when the D.U.P. transport went wrong, Eugene, along with Abigail and Henry Daughtry escaped and went into Seattle.

Infamous: Second Son

When Delsin and Reggie Rowe are looking for the escaped positive conduits, Delsin unknowingly went into Eugene's hideout, and in the video game world, he fought Eugene in his giant angel form and defeated him as they went back to the real world. Depending upon Delsin's choice, as the Rowe brothers argued each other, Delsin defended that he and Eugene would team up to eliminate the gangs persecuting the conduits.

Along with Abigail, Eugene is captured at the D.U.P. island, and Delsin encountered them. However, after Delsin fought with Brooke Augustine, Abigail and Eugene are freed thanks to the collapse of the island.

When Delsin, Abigail and Eugene assaulted the headquarter of the D.U.P., Eugene, in his giant angel form, threw several blast cores so Delsin accelerates his development of his Concrete powers to defeat Augustine.

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