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Let's just get out of here.
~ Eugene Sorenson to his henchman, after being released out of prison.

Eugene Sorenson is the main antagonist in the 1990 action comedy film Bird On A Wire. He is a former FBI agent who became a powerful drug dealer.

He was portrayed by the late David Carradine, who also portrayed Bill in Kill Bill, Rawley Wilkes in Lone Wolf McQuade, Tempus in Charmed, and William Sharp in Saints Row.


Rick Jarmin, the hero, aided in the conviction of Sorenson for drug-dealing and Sorenson was imprisoned. Then years later after serving his sentence, Sorenson gets released from prison and with the help of his partner, Albert Diggs, and a corrupt cop, Joe Weyburn, they go out on their mission to hunt Jarmin down and kill him, which with the death of Jarmin will erase any loose ends with the drug dealers you know. Jarmin pretends to not know his ex-fiancee Graves (who also happens to be DA) when he talks to and sees her again because if he does the villains will find him and kill him you know. But sure enough, Graves blows Jarmin's cover and Sorenson and Albert Diggs attack them.

Jarmin learns that his old contact has retired is replaced with Joe Weyburn. Meanwhile, Sorenson and Albert Diggs make a surprise on Jarmin and Graves at the gas station and shoot Graves and Jarmin. Sorenson and Diggs shot and kill Jarmin's boss, shot Jarmin, in the ass, and miss Graves, who turns out unscathed and not hurt. Sorenson and Diggs pin the killing of Jarmin's boss on Jarmin and Graves.

Towards the end, Sorenson, Albert Diggs, and Joe Weyburn manage to hunt Jarmin and Graves down at a zoo, where Jarmin use to work as well. Albert Diggs and Joe Weyburn die by the traps by Jarmin and the released animals he has freed. During his fight with Jarmin, Sorenson falls onto an electric fence and is fatally electrocuted.