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Kratos... murderer of children. Yes I am aware of the misery you have brought upon my brood! ... Ruthlessly cutting down my line; your hands wear their blood. Praise to the Sisters! For on this day, Kratos... You will meet your death!
~ Euryale to Kratos

Euryale is the obese sister of Medusa and is a boss in the video game; God of War ll.


Euryale vs. Kratos

Euryale vs. Kratos

Euryale appeared to have somehow known about her sister(s), Medusa's (and presumibly Scylla's) death at the hands of Kratos. She sought vengance for her sisters' death and attacked Kratos when he entered her home. She fights by using her own weight and creating shockwaves that can turn anyone caught in the shockwave into stone.

She also uses her Euryale's Stare and her tail as a whip. Euryale also uses the two pillars in the room to elevate herself and either uses her stare or uses the shockwave. After a long and vicious battle she was decapitated by Kratos and her head was used as a weapon.


Euryale is a Gorgon. Her appearance is really similar to Medusa except in physics and skin tone. She also both considerably larger and fatter then her sister.

Powers and Abilities

Euryale's Death

Euryale's death

Like all Gorgons, Euryale has a snake-like lower half, has snakes for hair, can use her tail as a whip, and can use her stare to turn anyone into stone. However, Euryale also has several other abilities that other Gorgans don't have. Since Euryale is fat and obese, she can use her own weight and slam down to the ground, but while she's slamming down to the ground, she uses her Euryale Stare, which causes a shockwave, which turns anyone caught in the shockwave into stone. Her Euryale Stare also seems to be much longer and wider than other Gorgons, and the Stare is also red instead of green.


  • In Greek mythology, Euryale was immortal like her twin sister Stheno and unlike their mortal twin Medusa, could not be killed.
  • It is been confirmed that Euryale wants to reach the Sisters to turn back time and revive Medusa. As she says that Kratos killed her sisters, its unknown if she speaks about her other twin Stheno (who wasn't shown in the series yet) or Scylla.
  • It is unknown why Euryale said Kratos is "murderer of Children", however it is possible that she considers the many Gorgons that Kratos has slain her children.


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