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Eva (known as Ima in the original Italian version) is the main antagonist of the Italian cartoon Puppy In My Pocket: Adventures In Pocketville.


Eva is a Siamese cat. She has cream-colored fur, with black ears and hind legs, and a black face mask and tail. This is to contrast with her sister, who has brown instead of black. She also has blue eyes and a spiked collar. Eva is ill-tempered, selfish, and bossy. She has three henchmen: two dogs named Zull and Gort, and a crow named Krakia. She is mean to all of them.

Eva is the sister of Princess Ava, the ruler of Pocketville and one of the show's protagonists. Eva wants to be ruler of Pocketville herself, and desires to overthrow Ava so she can accomplish that.

Due to an accident caused by her own making, Eva sends Ava to the real world in exchange for Kate, a 10-year-old girl. Without Ava in the way, Eva schemes to cause trouble for Kate and Ava. But her schemes always fail.She ended up as pet buster's prisoner.

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