Eva (Puppy In My Pocket)


Eva (known as Ima in the original Italian version) is the main antagonist of the Italian cartoon Puppy In My Pocket: Adventures In Pocketville.


Eva is a Siamese cat, though is actually one of the two members of a rare cat breed, Felis aulicus. She has cream-colored fur, with dark gray markings, which contrasts with the lighter brown markings of her sister. She also has blue eyes, a beauty mark next to her left eye, and a purple spiked collar, which was later dropped for a half of the Friendship Heart tied in a string.

Little is known about Eva's backstory and it is very much ambiguous whether or not Eva was evil from the very beginning or if she's just a well-intentioned extremist like what Ava thinks. But what is known is that Eva injured her sister's paw with a tree branch she broke off thanks to a rope tied to it in a flashback.

Eva is ill-tempered, selfish, and very bossy towards her gang. She has three lackeys: two unintelligent dogs of large breeds named Zull and Gort, and a clever crow named Krakia, and she does not treat them well at all.

Eva is the sister of Princess Ava, the benevolent monarch of the Pocket Kingdom. Eva longs to rule the kingdom instead of her younger sister Ava, and has desired to overthrow Ava so she can accomplish that.

Due to an accident caused by her own making, Eva sends Ava to the real world in exchange for Kate, a ten-year-old girl who was supposed to be one of the children given a Pocketville pet. Without Ava in the way, Eva schemes to cause trouble for both her sister and Kate, though her schemes always mess up thanks to the incompetence of her lackeys.

Later on she makes a pact with the Pet Buster, an erratic old man who captures strays and sells them in auctions, to help her achieve her goal as becoming monarch once she gets the Friendship Heart, and in return she will let him have all the pets he desires. She also tells him that Ava is a special cat from a very rare breed that needs to be contained in one of his cages, or else her plans would fail once again.

But that alliance with the Pet Buster wouldn't last. When Ava successfully returns to Pocketville thanks to the help of Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards finding Magic Drops for the fountain, Eva gets switched up as well and ends up in Ava's place. It is then that she gets captured by the Pet Buster instead.

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