What am I gonna do? I'll never be able to show my face at the gym again! I'll be an outcast! A leper! I let a guy talk me into giving away one million dollars!
~ Eva's confessional when she was manipulated by Justin's charms.
You really stink.
~ Eva to Heather about she smelled from Owen's farts.

Eva is a minor antagonist of Total Drama Island. She is a violent and ill-tempered bully and one of the strongest players at Camp Wawanakwa. She was the first female to be voted off after Heather stole her MP3 player, and she threw a fit by blaming everyone.

Much later, in the episode where the teams are officially broken up, "No Pain, No Gain", where she is the main antagonist, Eva is brought back into the competition along with Izzy. She has completely forgotten the lesson she learned with her first elimination and specifically blames Bridgette for voting her off. In the day's challenge, a series of random tortures, she made it further than everyone else except LeShawna, and when told to survive in a crate with Sasquatchanakwa for ten seconds, Eva came out with a hat and boots made from its fur. Unfortunately for Eva, she lost to LeShawna who endured the last challenge, and she was voted off again by everyone else on the Island. in the very last episode, Eva remain supportive to Gwen despite Owen is willing to throw a party if he wins.

Eva has not been part of the competition since, making her one of the least prominent characters in the series. Eva did not compete in Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, or Total Drama All-Stars. She was voiced by Julia Chantrey.






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