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Eva Marie 2015 Profile.png

Eva Marie is a WWE Diva who is part of the cast of Total Divas. She is best known for her villainous character on WWE TV.

On an edition of Raw that aired on July 22, 2013, 6 days before Total Divas premiered, the entire cast appeared on Miz TV. At one point, Jerry "The King" Lawler participated and introduced himself to new Divas JoJo and Eva Marie. He shook hands with JoJo, but Eva Marie decided to make a name for herself and slap the Hall of Famer's face, establishing herself as the villainess of Total Divas. Since then, the evil Eva Marie spent a brief period of time aligned with The Bella Twins as they tormented and bullied fellow cast member Natalya. On the Total Divas program, however, Eva Marie is shown at times antagonizing Natalya, the Bellas, and JoJo. Despite the fact that all of the Total Divas are babyfaces, Eva Marie continues to act as an arrogant villainess; hogging the spotlight for herself and considering herself the star of Total Divas.

After competing as a babyface for months, Eva Marie's evil persona returned in a non-title match against Divas Champion AJ Lee in July 2014. Eva Marie has also served as a henchwoman of sorts for Stephanie McMahon in recent weeks; willingly beating up Nikki Bella as part of Stephanie's vendetta against both her and Brie Bella.

After an injury hiatus and taking time to train with Brian Kendrick, Eva Marie returned on the NXT program as a new and improved wrestler on the July 22 episode of the program. Continuing to portray a villainess, Eva Marie defeated newcomer Cassie, and also picked up victories against Carmella and Billie Kay.

As a villainess, Eva Marie is portrayed as arrogant and self-serving. She has proven on more than one occasion to be opportunistic, with the main examples being slapping Jerry Lawler and aligning herself with Stephanie McMahon and belittling and abusing Piper Niven aka Doudrop.

Physical Appearance

Eva Marie is tall and sexy with quite a beautiful figure, but her most standout physical attribute is her bright red hair.

Villainous Acts

  • Slapping Jerry Lawler
  • Antagonizing the rest of the Total Divas