Evan Coker is the main antagonist of the monk episode "Mr monk and the captains wife" 

Before the episode starts he robs a bank and shoots the bank teller to death. At the beginning of the episode his car gets repossessed by a tow truck driver who is also a scab. He can't let his car get repossessed because the glove compartment contains the gun that he used to kill the bank teller. So he rushes outside his home without having time to put on his shoes or close the door which results in him losing his dog. He reaches a dirt pile where he aims his sniper rifle at the driver and shoots him in the neck, killing him and sending his truck out of control which causes the truck to hit a car containing captain stolemeyers wife. He quickly runs up to the truck and steals the gun and his shoes. This devastates captain stolemeyer so much that he turns down investigating the bank robbery Evans commited unaware they are connected. Monk at first he thinks the tow truck drivers murder was a result of a union dispute meanwhile shrona in counters Evans dog and eventually returns the dog to him. Evans overhears monk doubting the murder was a result of a union dispute so in order to cover his tracks he murders another scab in a similar fashion. Monk doesn't fall for it and arrests Evans. While being confronted with the evidence and monk recounting the crime he asks where's the gun and shoes and then monk releases that it's garbage day and Evans garbage is being collected. Monk rushes to the garbage van where he finds the shoes and gun. Evans then procedes to mock stolemeyer to the point where he slams Evans against the hood of the police car and almost beats him up but then he realises that Evans isn't worth losing his badge for. Just then stolemeyer receives a call saying the doctors saved his wife's life. 

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