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Eve Is the main Antagonist In Cho Den-O Triology Episode Yellow


He was an Artificial Imagin Created by the G-Men passed to Reiji Kurosaki.


After his owner showed some Emotion, Eve decided himself to Destroy the Humanity after he deemed that its too Illogical,Eve died because of Diend Complete Form Gekijouban Attack Ride Card.

Eve in Imagin Anime 3

Imagin Anime

Eve has appeared in Imagin Anime 3 in two Episodes:

Imagin Anime 3D and Kamen Rider Secret Room

In Imagin Anime 3D (Episode Yellow)

Eve was about to arrest Momotaros,Urataros,Kintaros,Ryuutaros and Deneb Because they forgotten about G Den-O But then Eve left because Deneb said "Who are you?"

In Kamen Rider Secret Room

Eve only told about the Audience viewership of Den-O Movies and then mentioned why the room of the 7 Imagins is so damaged,and then after Ryuutaros grabbed an magazine and other Imagins was about to look (but Urataros and Eve) Urataros grabbed the magazine and then Eve accessed the data of the Staff for no reason and then kept saying Access


  • Eve is the only Imagin who is actually a Rider Pass.
  • Eve actually is similar to G4 because they are both Artificial Intelligences used by a police agency who take over their Original user's Rider Form.
  • Unlike G4, who killed his user, eve directly transforms into G Den-O, showing his physical form for some seconds


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