That boy next door...Do you love him? Do you love Phil?
~ Eve questioning Kat's relationship with Phil, whom Eve is infatuated with

Eve Connors is the the main antagonist of White Bird in a Blizzard. She is the beautiful but mentally fragile mother of protagonist Kay Connors. She enjoys daily household chores and basking in her youth as well as chastising her husband and daughter for unusual reasons. However, after years of abusing her family, she goes missing and her daughter Kat is prompted to find out the reason for her disappearance. She was portrayed by actress Eva Green, who also portrayed Ava Lord in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, Miss Gribben in Cracks, Artemisia in 300: Rise of an Empire and Angelique Bouchard in Dark Shadows.


In 1988, when Kat Connors is seventeen years of age, her mother Eve Connors disappears without a trace. After learning her mother walked out on the family, Kat dealt with the ordeal painfully.

Years ago, Eve was quite a wild girl who, despite adapting to married life and being a household mother, gradually changes in her marriage to Brock, an seemingly ordinary man who leads an uneventful life. When Eve had her first child, a daughter named Kat, she named her child such as to treat her like a pet to play with, then as Kat grew up and her appetite for food increased, Eve responded by slapping her fingers away from any such foods on the counters for she believed her daughter was becoming too fat while Kat was just a mere child in need of food and nutrition. Then when Kat entered puberty, Eve became more drunk on alcohol and complained about her marriage to Kat, who rebuffed her claims.

Sometimes, Eve would look at her husband like whether or not she was going to murder him and slowly began to lose her grip on reality and mental illness. As Kat sleep in her room, Eve woken her up, questioning her daughter's relationship with Phil as Kat rejected her question again. Eve then grew angry and threw the covers off of Kat's bed demanding an answer and wasn't willing to take rejection. Eve was shocked to discover Kat was sleeping in the nude and attempted to beat her daughter's body senseless. Kat managed kick her mother out of her room, causing her to leave while Kat began to cry from her mother's abuse. While Kat explored her sexuality and adolescence, Eve struggles to maintain quench her youthful wildness lost from her past; trying to dress sexy and act sexy when Brock is away from the house, even going as far as to lure the attention of Phil, her daughter's boyfriend.

It was revealed by the detective agency that their theory of her disappearance was the possibility of Brock killing her out of catching her cheating. Kat denies this but begins to suspect Phil of being Eve's illicit lover and questions him about it. Phil denies this but tells her to ask her father for he might had the answer. Prompted, Kat then searched through the meat locker freezer to find her mother's dead body only to be stopped by her father Brock in the process. When Kat returned to collage, her search for her mother's death is relived when Brock get intoxicated and confesses to the police about killing her. He then hangs himself in his own prison cell for his crimes.

At the end of the film, a flashback details Eve's death; the afternoon of her disappearance she came home from shopping when she heard strange noises coming from her bedroom. Alerted, she goes to investigate the source of the noise and catches Brock and Phil in bed together. Phil dashes out of the room as Eve began to laugh hysterically at Brock, incredulous of his infidelity. Brock responds to this by clutching her neck with his hands, asking her repeatedly to stop. Eve refuses to do so and she is strangled to death by her own husband.


Eve is known by family to be mental and hard-working. When it came to house-hold chores, she'd finish them like no problem but when there was nothing to do afterward, she'd start to unbalance like having no purpose. She dislikes her husband for reasons involving a lackluster marriage and constantly takes her anger out on her husband and daughter. She also appears to be infatuated with Phil, her daughter's boyfriend and constantly questioned her daughter's love for Phil out of jealousy and curiosity. Eve was focused on maintaining her youth and tried to dress and act younger than her actual age, even looking to her daughter as inspiration.



Well, what do you think? Do you like? I'm pretty sexy for 42, huh?
~ Eve as she interrupts Kat and Phil yet again by wearing a loose top, makeup and mini-skirt
Oh, loosen up, Miss Prissy Pants! Phil, why don't you and your mother join us for dinner tonight? I'm making my world-famous beef-wellington
~ Eve dismissing Kat's concern and proceeds to flirt with Phil instead by inviting him to dinner
Splendid! I'm in the mood for celebrating!
~ Eve to Kat and Phil as she drinks liquor and takes her shoes off for dancing
"What's the matter, Kat! Can't stand to see your mother having a little fun for a change?
~ Eve mocking Kat's concern for her provacative appearance as she dances to the music
And the party's over before its even begun!
~ Eve expressing her disappointment that her husband's arrived home from work
What? You don't like it?
~ Eve's reaction to Brock when he questions her about her sexier wardrobe
Well, tough shit! You don't like this skirt.
~ Eve's angry dismissal at her husband when he says he doesn't like her choice of wardrobe
I don't care. You don't like this skirt and I don't care. You don't like this skirt and I don't care.
~ Eve mocking her husband Brock's disapproval of her appearance for the evening
"Get your goddamn hands off me! I'll wear whatever the hell I want! Whenever I want to!
~ Eve yelling at Brock as he tries to restrain her for her behavior
What I do every fucking night of my fucking life, making your fucking dinner!
~ Eve bemoaning about having to make Brock his dinner becoming routine for her
That boy next door, do you love him?
~ Eve questioning Kat of her love interest, Phil
Is Phil a good fuck?
~ Eve loudly asking Kat about her sexual relationship with Phil
Don't you turn your back on me!
~ Eve angry at Kat dismissing her questions
I will not be dismissed by the likes of you! Answer me!
~ Eve warning Kat of being dismissed once more and demanding answers from her
Is Phil a good fuck?!
~ Eve asking Kat once more about Phil due to her infatuation with him
"What is this! Why are you naked?!
~ Eve asking Kat as she attacks her and discovers that she's sleeping in the nude
I do too know what a good fuck is! You little slut!
~ Eve as she physically abuses Kat and curses at her before leaving in her paranoia
You looked like I looked when I was you...
~ Eve obsessing over Kat's beauty and youth as she dresses up for the day
I don't want any of this! You! The house! I want my fucking life back!
~ Eve expressing her misery about not wanting the perfect housewife lifestyle and wanting her youth back
I don't want fucking dinner!
~ Eve attacking Brock as he tries to calm her down
Why won't anyone listen to me!?
~ Eve last words as she questions everyone in the room in her paranoia and emotional misery


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