Eve Crystal
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Eve Crystal is the main villainess from "Hooray for Homicide," the fourth-ever episode of Murder, She Wrote.

She was played by Melissa Sue Anderson.


Eve Crystal is an actress and the lover of producer Jerry Lydecker, as well as one of the stars of a movie based on one of Jessica Fletcher's novels. She was known for her various flings; in fact, she was having an affair with her co-star in the film, Scott Bennett. Lydecker discovered the affair on videotape, and he informed Eve that he planned to fire Scott. The confrontation took place at the movie set late at night, and it ended with Eve killing Lydecker, doing so by bludgeoning him with an urn. After the murder Eve covered her tracks by claiming to have been drinking all night while the murder took place, and she was found apparently drunk by Jessica, who refreshed Eve with a cold shower.

However, Eve's ruse was discovered by Jessica, who revealed that Eve was taking diabetic medication, so she couldn't drink hard liquors. Also, Eve had lost a gold button from one of her costumes after killing Lydecker, and after being confronted by the evidence, Eve confessed to killing Lydecker and was later arrested off-screen.