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Eve Teschmacher is a recurring and supporting character in the 2015 tv series Supergirl. She originally appeared to be a neutral character, and the heroic assistant of James Olsen, and later Lena Luthor as well as her friend and pseudo friend of Kara Danvers/Super Gurl. She was eventually revealed to be working for Lex Luthor as his spy all along, and becomes a supporting antagonist in the later half of Season 4.

She is played by Andrea Brooks.


Eve graduated from Yale with a degree in Nuclear Physics, and was a Junior Miss Carolina. She idolized Lex, and wrote him letters. After Lex was sentenced to 32 consecutive life sentences, Eve attempted to get his attention as he was being marched out of the court. Lex noticed her interest and arranged for her to visit him in prison where he recruited her to work for him.

Lex had Eve get a job at Cat-Co magazine as Cat Grant’s personal assistant where she kept an eye on James Olsen for him. She later became James’s personal assistant where she continued to keep tabs on him for Lex. She had a brief fling with Mon-El while thinking he was a human named Mike. However, Eve was disappointed that he could not stop talking about Kara Danvers.

Eve accompanied Lex to Russia along with Otis Graves. There they discovered a woman that resembled Kara, who was really Supergirl, and the woman had powers. There, she flinched when she witnessed her first murder, and Lex told her not to flinch next time.

Eve met Lex’s half-sister, Lena Luthor, and, after revealing her knowledge of nuclear physics, was offered a job by Lena. Eve convinced Lex that she would be more useful to him working for Lena, and he approved her change of employment. Eve first helped Lena study Reign to help save Reign’s alter ego, Samantha Arias. There next project was furthering how to synthesize Haru-Nal, also known as black kryptonite, to create an army of super soldiers. Eve also took a copy of the Haru-Nel and stored it in her lab at National City University.

Eve theorized that the Kara’s doppelgänger was created by black kryptonite since it can split in Kryptonians in two, and, on Lex’s orders, continued to make sure Lena has a breakthrough, though her efforts failed. Meanwhile, Lex had Otis manipulate his sister Mercy to find him an American patriot to serve as a pasty. Otis and Mercy settle on Ben Lockwood, and when Mercy went after L-Corp, Eve teamed up with Kara and Lena to keep Mercy’s men at bay. After Otis and Mercy are killed by an alien, Lex and Eve revived him with the Haru-Nal, but likely left Mercy dead as punishment for her betraying Lex.

Eve encountered Kara’s doppelgänger talking with Lena. She surmised it was the doppelgänger because Kara was supposed to be on vacarion, and was annoyed and panicked when she questioned Lex’s motives.Eve contacted Lex in a panic, and he sent Eve and Otis back to Russia where Eve hijacked a missile launcher and aimed it at the cabin where Mikhail, a young Russian boy that Kara’s doppelgänger has become, resided. Eventually, Kara’s doppelgänger started to die and only black kryptonite could save her, so Eve and Lex realized that he would have to work with Lena to finish it.

Lex took it a step further and gave himself cancer by exposing himself to black kryptonite, so he could convince Lena to work with him and finally get the black kryptonite working safety. Lena was hesitant to test the Harun-El, so he had Eve shoot James, whom Lena cared about, so she could test it. Eve then hid the gun in her lab where it would eventually be found and used to confirm that she had shot James. Afterwards, Lex cured himself with the Haru-Nel and Eve revealed her true allegiance to a horrified Lena. She ruthlessly gunned down one of guards, and then was ordered by Lex to take care of Lena while he and Otis left. Eve returned an unconscious Lena to her office at L-Corp where she tied her to her chair and left her a letter.

Now a fugitive, Eve went on the run and paid her ailing cousin Bitsie a visit. She used the Haru-Nel to cure Bitsie of her cancer, and then went underground with the doppelgänger, whom Lex referred to as Red Daughter. Once they got to their destination, she told the red daughter to go 900 meters when she gives the signal and handed her something to put on.

Eve then infiltrated the government, using an image induced, and manipulated them into repealing the Alien Amnesty Act. On TV, she briefly flashed out of her disguise, presumably to lure Supergirl to Washington where she set up a hologram of herself in a van with an X-Ray protected field. Supergirl took the bait, and Eve’s hologram told her to enjoy the show before disappearing and then trapping Supergirl in Lex’s Lexosuit. By the time Supergirl got free, the Red Daughter had already framed her for attacking the White House, declaring her an enemy of the state, and instituting Martial Law.

After Lex used Otis as a living bomb to destroy the prison he was previously held in, he had Eve “put Otis back together again”. Otis woke up with Eve, leaning over him and smiling. She informed Otis that he had been detonated, but that they had put him back together again.


Eve is bumbling and quirky. She seems to be a naturally friendly person since she was able to make friends while hiding her true allegiance to Lex from them. She seemed to be scared of Cat Grant while working for her as her assistant.

Eve is a fanatic and in love with with Lex, believing him to be the most brilliant mind of their generation, and the only man who can save the world. Because of this, she is willing to do whatever Lex requests of her. She later becomes a murderer and commits acts of terrorism to help him accomplish his goals.

A noticeable change in Eve’s demeanour is that when she first started working for Lex, she flinched when she saw someone get shot. By the time she revealed her true allegiance to Lena, she not only held a gun on Lena with the intent to kill her, but also killed a guard without hesitation.

Despite being in love with Lex, Eve also still loves and cares about her family. She cured her ailing cousin, Bitsie, with the Harun-El; risking getting caught in the process.


  • Eve Teschmacher originated in Superman movie as the assistant to Lex Luthor. She later was written into the comics as Lex’s secretary
  • Like her movie counterpart, Eve is often referred to as Miss Teschmacher and people even summon her by screaming at her in a similar way that Lex did in the movie.
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